A look at the Jewellery Industry Fair’s guest speakers

The highly anticipated Jewellery Industry Fair is making its grand return, this time to Sydney from August 26th to 28th, promising a three-day event with…

The highly anticipated Jewellery Industry Fair is making its grand return, this time to Sydney from August 26th to 28th, promising a three-day event with a full schedule brimming with invaluable insights into the world of jewellery. Prepare to be inspired as the Jewellery Industry Fair presents an extraordinary lineup of esteemed speakers at the highly anticipated event. Run by the Jewellery Industry Network, the Fair has secured the likes of globally recognised figures whose appearances at fairs all over the globe have earned them unparalleled recognition. With their first-ever visits to Australia, their attendance proves to be an extraordinary feat for the industry as they provide invaluable insights to drive the industry toward further resounding success. 

One of the incredible speakers to take the stage is Andrea Lucille Pooler from Hill & Co in New York. Renowned for her expertise in marketing, she will be delivering her presentation, The Art and Science of Jewellery Marketing: Visual Brand Mastery Increases Sales. Be prepared to elevate your marketing knowledge as Andrea shares cutting-edge advice on best utilising your tools and maximising sales through strong marketing strategies. Her insights don’t stop there. She will also run a workshop for guests and delve into the secrets of Creating a Culture of Excellence: Leadership, Communication, and Employee Education. Through her vast experience, Andrea will provide attendees with the tools to build strong teams and positive workplace transformations, all essential parts of creating a successful business.

Also venturing to Australia for the first time is consumer culture and jewellery trends visionary, Paola De Luca. Paola will offer a glimpse into the future of jewellery over the next five years and beyond, information that is usually only available to a select few. She has played a pivotal role in creating the Trends Vision book for VicenzaOro and is sure to bring a wealth of international knowledge to the event. Her invaluable insights will reveal how the market is evolving in various jewellery categories, shedding light on consumer adaptation, styles preferences and driving forces that will shape the future of design. 

Another impressive speaker to take the stage at the Jewellery Industry Fair is International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) president, Damien Cody. Damien will provide his perspective on the global coloured gemstone market and its impact on the Australian jewellery industry. Be there to witness the enlightening state of the industry as Damien shares his insights into market trends that will undoubtedly shape the future of the coloured gemstone trade in Australia. 

This incredible lineup of speakers will cover diverse topics, such as insights into the global coloured gemstone market, marketing and visual branding, consumer trends, and creating a team culture of excellence. Attendees can also expect to gain insight into other areas, such as global design and storytelling through design, technology for your business, maximising Google reviews, safety management in the workplace and the state of the diamond market — all topics that attendees will have burning questions about. 

Like the Jewellery Industry Fair in Melbourne earlier this year, the Sydney Fair is expected to have an incredible turnout and attendees are feeling the excitement. Renowned award-winning design artist from Perth, Alister Yiap, is ready and prepared to make the most of the three-day event. “[I am] looking forward to attending the various talks and workshops, seeing the JAA entries in person and connecting with [the] industry nationally as I am sometimes isolated in the West,” he says. Alister’s sentiments demonstrate the importance of the Jewellery Industry Fair as a means for professionals to get involved and connect with others in the field.

Editor-in-chief of JW Magazine and managing director of the Jewellery Industry Network, Laura Moore, is ready for another successful event. “We are over the moon to welcome so many esteemed speakers to the Jewellery Industry Fair this year in Sydney. Our aim, along with providing guests with the chance to find new suppliers and products, is to allow all guests to upskill and be inspired by the speakers and workshops we have in our schedule,” she says. “It is critical for all businesses to continually look outside for sources of information in order to grow, and this event will certainly do that with an absolutely jam-packed three days of activities. We can’t wait to welcome everyone to the Carriageworks in August.” 

The Jewellery Industry Fair is committed to providing the industry access to globally recognised, sought-after speakers to create an event that will leave a lasting impression. The calibre of expertise and depth of knowledge offered by these distinguished speakers will inspire, inform, and empower attendees to drive the industry forward to new heights. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this extraordinary event of industry leaders and visionaries. Join the Jewellery Industry Fair in seizing the opportunity to elevate your business, make valuable connections and gain insight into the market. The speakers are ready and the bright future of the jewellery industry awaits.

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