Superhero Charm

Pandora teams up with Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe to release jewellery inspired by the iconic heroes.

Pandora has assembled your Avenger heroes in jewellery form as the brand announced its new collaboration with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Available online and in stores from 17 February, the first Marvel and Pandora collaboration includes 14 karat gold-plated and sterling silver hand-enamelled charms of Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man and his arc reactor, Captain American’s shield, Thor’s hammer, the Infinity Gauntlet and stones, and the Avengers logo.

The charms are finished with cubic zirconia stones and are engraved with the characters’ mottos which symbolise their personalities and values – “Wakanda forever” for Black Panther, “Actually, I can,” for Natasha Romanoff and “Find your power” for Tony Stark.

A gold-plated Infinity Stones ring, with a rainbow of six gems, is engraved with the powers each stone represents, and the arc reactor is engraved with Tony Stark’s daughter’s words, “I love you 3000.” The charms can be worn on Pandora’s snake chain or leather bracelets, adjustable rolo chain necklaces and keychains.

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