Georgini rocks Melbourne Fashion Week

Tuesday marked an incredible achievement for Australia’s iconic jewellery brand, Georgini, with a showing of its latest collections for Melbourne Fashion Week. Hosted by Jamie…

Photographed by EP Group

Tuesday marked an incredible achievement for Australia’s iconic jewellery brand, Georgini, with a showing of its latest collections for Melbourne Fashion Week. Hosted by Jamie Azzopardi, the culture blogger and stylist welcomed guests with sincere warmth and upheld the very essence of Georgini’s brand—fashion and excitement. They laid the foundation of what was truly a turnout event.

Creative director of Georgini, Melinda Carey, glowed with delight when speaking about its latest collection—Diamonds by Georgini. This collection converges craftsmanship and elegance, creating jewellery that redefines luxury. With its latest collection, Georgini cuts prices without compromising on style. 

“The Diamonds by Georgini collection is inspired by the emerging trend of quiet luxury, poised to have a significant impact in 2024 and 2025. Embedded within each Georgini collection is the principle of making luxury accessible. We continuously strive to offer our retailers products that combine aspiration and affordability, and our latest Diamonds collection perfectly encapsulates this approach,” says Melinda. 

“This overarching theme guided my creation of exquisite pieces featuring natural diamonds and natural gemstones elegantly set in sterling silver, all offered at a retail price starting at just $139. This enables our customers to effortlessly embrace the prevailing trend without breaking the bank,” she adds.

Photographed by Ishani Photography

John Rose, the chief executive officer of West End Collection and a representative of Georgini says, “The key launch at the show was the new Diamonds by Georgini collection [that] features fashion pieces with natural diamonds set in 18k gold-plated sterling silver, often featuring natural stone highlights. Besides Diamonds by Georgini, we also featured the new Christmas release [that] is beautifully designed for the gift-giving season [that] we are about to enter.” 

“In our Christmas Collection, we evoke the essence of the holiday season. Inspired by the scenic view from our Irish manager’s office window, where rolling green hills and mist provided a picturesque backdrop, we introduced the captivating green cubic zirconia,” Melinda says.

“[The] gorgeous green mirrors the festive spirit of Christmas. Freshwater pearls, reminiscent of glistening snowflakes, infuse an element of purity and sophistication into the Collection… Christmas is always one of my favourite collections to create—I simply adore the spirit of giving during this festive season,” she adds.

As a part of the Diamonds collection, Georgini has also released a birthstone collection that shows a range of natural stones. Each stone radiates uniqueness and rarity—from rubies to sapphires, the wearer will feel pride in showcasing a little piece of themselves. Georgini’s brilliance is revealed by the clever use of the brand’s double ‘G’, which is then inverted on the right side to create a heart symbol with the letters.

Photographed by EP Group

Photographed by Ishani Photography

At the show, attendees flocked in and crowded together to get a glimpse of the brand’s latest work. The energy in the air filled with excitement as eventgoers mingled, tried on jewellery and sipped away on sparkling wine. Among the crowd were many influential people who were eager to see Georgini’s pieces. Reality stars Lyndall Grace, Claire Nomarhas and Sandy Jawanda from Married at First Sight, Molly O’Halloran, Sophie Blackley, Ziara Rae, and Nick Brown from F Boy Island, Tilly Skok from The Bachelor, and Maya Weiss from Australian Idol were all in attendance. 

Actresses, models, and influencers known for their taste and style were also in for the show. Emerald Chan, Louise Child, Matilda Brown, Renata Liu, Sandy Keayes, Jiselle Manning, Ruby Sheohmelian, and Dante Surace were a few among the crowd. 

“We were very happy with the star-studded lineup of influencers, celebrities, models and media that attended the Georgini showing. There was a lot of anticipation in the build-up to the event [that] paid off extremely well with the resounding positive reaction from all in attendance. I have never seen so many photos, videos and live streams happen in one space at one time—the exposure for the new collection from Georgini has been huge,” says John.

Georgini’s remarkable showcase at Melbourne Fashion Week was a resounding success, marking a significant milestone for this iconic jewellery brand. With its latest collections, Georgini continues to set the standard for affordable luxury. The brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and affordability while maintaining an unmistakable touch of glamour ensures that Georgini remains at the forefront of the fashion jewellery sector.

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