Nivoda – Trading for an efficient future

Diamond trading is an involved process that can become complicated, especially without the involvement of dedicated organisations like Nivoda. Inspired by the ongoing inefficiencies of…

Diamond trading is an involved process that can become complicated, especially without the involvement of dedicated organisations like Nivoda. Inspired by the ongoing inefficiencies of the trading system, Nivoda recognised the need for better solutions for all businesses in diamond sourcing and since their inception, they have been increasing sales and margins for businesses of all sizes. Over the last five years, Nivoda has unfolded into a globally recognised company that is customer-centric and technology-driven, committed to delivering reliable and efficient results. 

Nivoda’s key strength is that they are dedicated to being a partner for their customers, not just a diamond marketplace. Two of their key values are seeking to understand and always ensuring trust, which allows their customer relationships to strengthen with every experience they have. “Our customers are at the forefront of our minds in everything we do whether it’s updating the UX of the platform to make it more user-friendly, providing training to retailer’s sales teams to increase performance or developing new tools to help them sell more,” says Mike Vasey, Asia Pacific sales manager of Nivoda. “This customer-centric approach allows us to work closely with both retailers and suppliers to ensure Nivoda can drive profitability for them.”

In the grand scheme of the diamond trading industry, Nivoda is still blooming but this is ultimately their superpower. Fresh minds, thoughts and ideas are crucial in the development of the industry. “We are constantly innovating to support customers with whatever challenges they’re currently facing. We’ve identified the big move retailers are currently making to virtual sales which is something that is only going to accelerate moving forward. This is why virtual sales tools like Nivoda’s Customer Facing Mode, a white-label solution for showcasing 1.6 million natural and lab-grown diamonds in-store, are so important,” Vasey says. Trusting a brand that has the openness to look into the future, rather than the past, is one that ensures success. “We expect this change to continue growing exponentially, and we’re here to help retailers stay ahead of the curve,” he adds. 

“Our vision is to become the everything store for the jewellery industry. We want Nivoda to be the go-to place for retailers to purchase diamonds, gemstones, mounts, tools and anything else related to our industry,” Vasey says. Nivoda is constantly evolving with the industry. They accommodate the rise in virtual selling by developing their diamond feeds and virtual sales app, a truly innovative and hassle-free experience for their customers. Their product is also set to expand soon with the inclusion of natural and lab-grown diamonds with gemstones and melee launching soon.

However, innovation doesn’t come without its challenges. Encouraging and supporting retailers to embrace the move to virtual selling can be daunting to consider a zero-inventory business model. “We believe the apprehension simply comes from not having run a virtual sales experience before, and retailers not knowing how their customers will respond,” says Nivoda chief executive officer, David Sutton. The shift towards virtual sales is spreading throughout the industry and those who don’t adopt this change will find it increasingly challenging to compete. “The retailers who have made the move are growing significantly faster than others and that’s why we encourage retailers who haven’t,” Sutton adds. With Nivoda’s platform and tools, support from their dedicated account management team and educational content, they are here to support their customers every step of the way.

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