Jeweller in Focus – Nique Jewellery 

Utilising a variety of materials, including opals, diamonds, and coloured stones, Nique Jewellery provides a bespoke service for every individual customer. This is all possible…

Utilising a variety of materials, including opals, diamonds, and coloured stones, Nique Jewellery provides a bespoke service for every individual customer. This is all possible with the skillful work of Danica Roderick.


Danica Roderick began her venture within the jewellery industry with her 2010 apprenticeship in Jewellery manufacture at Toowomba, Queensland. During this time, Danica loved to search through old boxes of jewellery and make her own masterpieces. Through this desire, Nique Jewellery was born in 2017. 


Nique Jewellery is a business that explores the intricate details behind each and every piece of jewellery to the utmost extent. The process is extremely transparent, with a signature aspect of the business being the combination of workshop, client consult area, and retail space into one large area. The reason for this is to allow “people to see me (Danica) working as they were walking past,” join her for a consultation and to watch their pieces being made or repaired. Danica has many collections which are also available within the business. They can be seen easily online on her website, and cater to a broader group of clientele. Danica personally believes that “everyone deserves beautiful handmade jewellery, not just those spending big dollars on a big custom piece.” 


Nique Jewellery is a business that caters for a variety of different types of groups and individuals. This is especially done through the online section of the business. In turn, this also allows for the bespoke customer range to also significantly increase. In addition to this, Danica makes herself and her business to be available on multiple different online platforms. Whether it be using “text, email, phone calls, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, or Instagram,” Nique Jewellery is able to reach out, and be reached out to, by clients around Australia. It is especially exciting when new clients reach out through text messages. This is because it means that current, or old clients, have been happy enough to pass on her information due to the amazing work which she was able to achieve. “I actually joke to my husband sometimes that half of Manly has my number.”


When asked to reflect on her career thus far, there were many highlights which Danica pointed out. “I’d have to say, completing my apprenticeship was a really memorable feeling.” Overcoming this hurdle, and continuing on to the next step in her journey allowed her to feel “like she was good enough to do it all.” Confidence, brewed within her, as the “very hard work for four years” had finally paid off. 


Danica says dealing within the gemstone and jewellery industry in the modern day is fraught with difficulty and challenges, however, developing the bonds and connections with other people, and fulfilling your dreams is always worth it. Within the industry, “trust is the biggest characteristic you can have. Being one hundred per cent real and authentic” is the way that you can express yourself. “If you are not your brand, then you don’t have a brand. I like to be real with both customers and suppliers,” Danica explains. This is especially important when starting up, as it allows for the initial trust to be made and gained within the industry. “As an example, I have one supplier that actually delivers to me when it’s super urgent, I am always honest with timelines and because of this sometimes I have given too much time,” Danica says. “Therefore I know that others’ orders get placed ahead of mine, so when I say it’s urgent and I need it in two days they know I am being honest, and in turn, speedy delivery will occur.”

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