Industry Forum 2022 Jewellers Association of Australia – Karen Denaro, President

2021 was an opportunity to look at various means of connection. At a time when physical connection was near impossible, it gave rise to the…

2021 was an opportunity to look at various means of connection. At a time when physical connection was near impossible, it gave rise to the importance of virtual connection. It also shifted perspective away from physical purchasing experiences being the only means of emotive purchasing and gave us an opportunity to invite the world to experience both our goods/products and services, alike.

I truly believe this will be a permanent adoption of alternative trading and feel that encompassing this adaptability is not only the current means of successful trading, but also an opportunity to consider all avenues and alternatives in future trading. Further developing all platforms and pathways for the jewellery industry to connect, and to stay connected, is imperative for us all to sustain the next 12 months. We need to adopt the belief that every form of connection is equally significant.

Karen Denaro

Physical connection is only one possibility of many possibilities we have to portray ourselves. It forces us to look outside of the box – to grow and to be forward thinking in our approach. Currently, I feel the biggest challenges facing the industry are perceived value of jewellery, gems, diamonds etc. and establishing a means of discretionary spending, at a time when there is so much uncertainty in the world.

With international borders being closed for the majority of the last two years, the Australian jewellery industry has been given the wonderful opportunity to return to supporting all other sectors of the local supply chain — returning to our local wholesale suppliers, traders and retailers. We look for familiarity, continuity and consistency. We also have been forced to raise our game in support of all other areas of our industry, particularly for those needing our support. This is an area of growth that the JAA is committed to further developing, across the greater jewellery industry.

The JAA continue to keep our members informed and educated. We are abreast of all international jewellery news, governance and matters of concern, thus ensuring our members are updated and well advised. My advice to all industry businesses right now — duplicate EVERYTHING you do in the physical realm to virtual or online platforms, right across the board, from social platforms to trade only platforms. Establish who your customer is and utilise every means you have to connect with and engage your target audience.

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