Gold set to reach $US1800 – GFMS

Gold should reach the mid-$1800s by the end of the year, according to Thomson Reuters GFMS's latest Gold Survey.

Gold heads towards US$2000: GFMS

The gold price could reach US$2000 this year, according to the latest Gold Survey update by Thomson Reuters GFMS.

Gold price set to rise – in the short term

GFMS, the world’s leading precious metals research consultancy, expects the gold price to continue to rise in the short term…

End of the gold rush?

Jenny Berich discovers the rising price of gold doesn't always lead to a fall in gold jewellery sales.

GFMS predicts record gold price

Precious metals consultancy GFMS expects the annual average price of gold to reach a record high this year.

Report predicts drop in jewellery fabrication

Global gold jewellery fabrication could fall substantially this year, according to the world's leading precious metals consultancy, GFMS.

GFMS predicts increase in platinum sales

Platinum jewellery production will undergo a 'strong recovery' this year, according to leading independent precious metals consultancy GFMS.

GFMS predicts fall in jewellery demand

High and volatile gold prices plus the slowdown in world GDP growth are likely to cut international gold jewellery demand…

The White Stuff

Although yellow gold remains the world’s best known precious metal, Jenny Berich reports that ‘white is the new yellow’ for…