Ethics on your wrist

Here are a range of watch brands that match style with strong environmental ideals.

From eco-friendly components to sustainable packaging and power sources, it’s now easier than ever for watch enthusiasts to be pro-planet – and the market is keen.

Watches remain a timeless accessory of the modern Australian man, emphasising distinctive personal style, sophistication and enduring practicality. The landscape of men’s watches has evolved continually, with forward thinking design, materials and ethos contributing to many brands’ success. This has seen a variety of our local watch brands become strong contenders for men’s style on the world stage.

At the forefront of many of the newer companies in the men’s watch space is a vision inclusive of ethical practices, sustainability and conscientious decision making.


A unique brand that has risen through the ranks of the Sydney jewellery scene, Bausele premium watches, bridges the founder’s Swiss watch industry background with the rugged landscape and materials of Australia.

The company boasts a carbon neutral initiative in collaboration with Habitat Sanctuaries, a not- for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting endangered species by replanting habitat destroyed through mining, fracking and development.

Following the sustainability vision, Bausele uses upcycled ocean plastic on many of their premium watch straps along with hemp bags for in-store packaging, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

Boccia Watch Melba Appleskin

AM Imports proudly stock German brand Boccia, which uses the by-products of apple fibres from juicing to make their vegan leather straps. This is a sustainable process whereby the biological waste is transformed and reused, creating an environmentally conscious leather alternative.

Solar watches are also available at AM Imports, providing an environmentally friendly substitute for batteries that will need to be replaced and contribute to landfill. These timepieces have a power reserve of up to six months and can transform any type of light into a sustainable power source.

1/4 AM Imports: The innovative, bio-based leather alternative, is made of 50% recycled apple fibre. The straps are 100% vegan, abrasion resistant and pleasantly soft.

2/4 AM Imports: German designed Boccia titanium watches are far stronger and lighter than stainless steel. Titanium is heat resistant, non corrosive, hypoallergenic making them skin friendly and comfortable to wear.

Archer Eyewear

Archer Eyewear have recently added a collection of watches to their offering and have teamed up with Carbon Neutral who help plant a native Australian tree in the outback for every watch sold.


3/4 ArcherEyewear: Untamed and ready for adventure, the new Nomad 42mm watch features a modern black dial with bold details.  A wrist essential combining natural walnut wood, a stainless steel backplate and strong sapphire coated glass. The Nomad is crafted with a reliable Miyota movement and designed to truly impress.


Established high end brands are also offering carbon neutral products as a feature of their collections. Gucci Australia provides an offset to the greenhouse gas emissions generated across their manufacturing and supply chain to become totally carbon neutral.

Additionally, Gucci contributes to REDD+ four times per year. REDD+ is a partnership of governments, businesses, organisations and Indigenous groups that specifically focus on mitigating climate change and preserving biodiversity through the sustainable management of forests and combating deforestation and degradation.

Many of the trends evident in the watch industry in Australia currently mimic those across society in general. There is a movement away from old-school established brands to newer companies with fresh ideas and progressive values.

Watches are no longer just a fashion statement or indulgent luxury item – they now have the ability to represent your values, show support for local business and showcase Australian style.

4/4 Gucci G-Chrono watch, 44mm

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