The Barometer is active now!

We need your responses for the month of April

Did you see the last two Barometers in the magazine?

Click the pic above to have a read of the data collected in our previous Barometers. It’s interesting stuff. Our thanks to everyone who participated – I think you’ll agree it’s worth continuing the Barometer each month in order to keep a finger on the pulse.

Do you have a moment to give our industry a helping hand?
The Barometer appeared in the Jewellery World Magazine for the first time in February. It reported on the leading trends in jewellery and watch styles in Australian and New Zealand retail stores using information collected from retailers all over both countries.

The Barometer is an ideal way to keep your finger on the pulse of our industry making sure you stay aware and ahead of trends.
And your assistance will help the Barometer remain a meaningful tool. The Barometer will be compiled from information provided by you and your colleagues – jewellers from across Australia and New Zealand.

Each month, you will have the opportunity to complete a quick survey which will ask generalised questions about business in your store. Be assured that your answers will remain completely anonymous. But when your answers are combined with hundreds of other responses they will create a powerful lens through which to view our industry – a tool that all retailers will value.

If you would like to participate in the Barometer, please click here and complete the survey. The results will be published in the April issue of Jewellery World Magazine.
Thank you to all.