Uberkate appoints ‘Uber Ambassador’

Sydney-based personalised silver and gold jewellery company, Uberkate, has appointed its first 'Uber Ambassador' after an extensive search on social media.
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Uberkate’s Gabby Hunter
Sydney-based personalised silver and gold jewellery company, Uberkate, has appointed its first ‘Uber Ambassador’ after an extensive search on social media.
Uberkate founder and managing director Kate Sutton said the company initially planned to conduct a search for “new sales reps” via its Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts which can reach up to 200,000 people a week, but then decided to turn it into a search for an ‘Uber Ambassador’.
“When we were looking for new sales reps to join the Uberkate team to service our growing retail network, we decided to conduct our search via our social media channels,” she said.
“They are our team of online ambassadors. Why wouldn’t they know of someone who is already involved with and loves the brand and who could represent it on the ground Australia-wide?”
Sutton said more than 60 people responded to the ‘Search for an Uber Ambassador’ campaign , including some who had worked in the company’s retail stores.
In her new ambassador role, Gabby Hunter (a former business owner and Uberkate devotee) will perform traditional sales rep roles (eg visiting current Uberkate retailers, finding and signing up new stores, staff training, etc) but will also be expected to promote the brand on the ground and on social media via in-store displays and at events.
Sutton said using social media to find an ‘Uber Ambassador” was not “a traditional way of finding staff but it’s a dynamic and uplifting one”.
“Each week we help our retailers grow their online social media platforms by providing weekly lunchtime shopping pictures that we provide the graphics for,” she said.
“This means our retail network can post images of our products and let their followers know more about Uberkate and then they come into stores to purchase.
“This cross over between the online space of brands, the networks of our retailers and our own social media networks helps everyone.
“The retailers have ongoing reasons to connect with their client bases about our products and then funnel the interest back into their bricks-and-mortar stores.
“We build our brand awareness and everyone can prosper – the Uber Ambassadors will help refine this process even further.”