TW Steel launches Marc Coblen

Just two years after launching TW Steel in Australia, the local distributor is launching the company's new Marc Coblen watch brand.
Just two years after launching TW Steel in Australia, the local distributor is launching the company’s new Marc Coblen watch brand.
Named in reference to the Cobelens family, the founders of TW Steel Group, the new watch range is made up of three basics models (42, 45 and 50mm) which can be personalised with 10 straps and 10 bezels to create up to 50,000 unique combinations.
Scott Patchett, the managing director of TW Steel’s Sydney-based subsidiary, said Australia has the honour of being one of the first countries in the world to introduce the Marc Coblen brand.
“As we are a wholly owned subsidiary we often are the first with product and launches as we establish ‘best practice’ for the other markets to follow,” he said.
“We are also prepared to over-invest in the launch of new brands such as TW Steel and Marc Coblen to ensure we generate strong brand awareness.”

Patchett said the concept of the new watch brand revolves entirely around fashion, quality and the ease of change.

“What makes Marc Coblen watches so unique is that the basic watch can be transformed into a totally different eye-catcher in three very easy steps,” he said
“Marc Coblen is all about colour, materials and a sense of fashion. Whether you prefer trendy, colourful, casual, rugged or romantic, you can create your own magical combination.”
He said the new brand has been welcomed by local retailers and there were already enough retailers taking it on to fill the company’s distribution requirements and resources for “the next 3-4 months”.
“The pricing is very aggressive for the quality of the product (watches start at $199 with bezels from $39 and straps from $49) and I think this is why so many retailers have committed to taking the brand on.”
Marc Coblen watches will be available in a “selective number of high profile retail partners in key locations by late April” and will then be progressively rolled out to more stores in the following two to three months.