The Faberge egg returns

Faberge has unveiled its first collection of 'High Jewellery Egg Pendants' in more than 90 years.

Fabergé has unveiled its first collection of ‘High Jewellery Egg Pendants’ since 1917.

Paying homage to the legendary Imperial Eggs created by Peter Carl Fabergé for the Romanov family, each of the eggs in the Les Fameux de Fabergé collection, “illustrates a traditional Russian proverb, through complex, multi-layered concepts brought to life by the finest craftsmanship in the world”.

The pendants, which will retail for up to US$600,000, include:

The Diaghilev Egg – an egg covered with diamond circles shimmering with rubies, with an invisibly-set diamond drawer that opens at the push of a gemstone to reveal a matching pendant

The Ribbon Egg (pictured) – an egg emblazoned with enamel, lacquer and precious stones and topped with a gem-embroidered articulated ribbon

The Cherry Egg – an egg decorated with ‘cherries’ in carved stones, gold and gems, with a hidden golden nut and pit inside

The Chimère Egg – a puzzle egg, in the spirit of Russian fairy tales, with rotating segments creating child-like fantasy creatures

The Mosaic Egg – inspired by the eponymous Fabergé Imperial Egg and its interpretation of petit point embroidery, with delicate diamond lattice work at the both ends

The Diamond Egg – a titanium egg, entirely invisibly-set with white diamonds

Fabergé is also launching the Les Frissons de Fabergé collection of egg pendants with around 60 different designs at lower price points.