Stein launches luxury collections

Philip Stein founder Will Stein flew into Sydney last week to launch the brand's latest luxury watch and lifestyle products in Australia.
Philip Stein founder Will Stein flew into Sydney last week to launch the brand’s latest luxury watch and lifestyle products in Australia last week.
During his visit, Stein said the brand was internationally renowned for successfully combining “natural frequency technology” with a distinctive watch design.
Stein and his wife Rina launched Philip Stein in 2002 after being introduced to natural frequency technology and personally experiencing its “positive impact on health and wellbeing”.
“We launched the company with the goal of creating a luxury watch that could help others improve their health and wellbeing too,” he said.
Based on “key frequencies beneficial to life and health”, the company’s proprietary natural frequency technology is embedded on a metal disc in each Philip Stein watch.
“Every system, organ, tissue, cell and molecule in the human body vibrates within a certain range of frequencies and each one has an ideal frequency, called Harmonic Resonance Frequency.
“Philip Stein has the ability to interact with that harmonic frequency and tune the system back to a more optimised state.”
Although Philip Stein has been distributed in Australia by Duraflex Group Australia for around six years, the brand has until now had a relatively low local public profile.
However, with the launch of the brand’s latest luxury watch collection as well as a sleep bracelet (which uses natural frequency technology to help the wearer sleep), Duraflex has begun raising the brand’s profile via consumer media.
Stein stressed that the watches and the company’s sleep bracelet, which are now sold in more than 35 countries, are not “medical aids” but “lifestyle accessories”.
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