Silver shines at Bangkok Fair

Long renowned as the ruby capital of the world, Thailand now wants the world to view it as 'a paradise of silver jewellery' too.
Long renowned as the ruby capital of the world, Thailand now wants the world to view it as a ‘paradise of silver jewellery’ too.
Speaking at the launch of the 51stBangkok Gems & Jewellery Fair, the president of the Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association, Somchai Phornchindarak, said the Fair’s ‘Thailand World of Silver’ theme aimed to amplify the kingdom’s status as “the world’s greatest silver manufacturer and market”.
He said the promotional theme followed the association’s ‘Thailand Ruby Capital’ campaign which successfully raised international awareness of the country’s gemstones – particularly ruby.
“This time we are proud to show off our quality and creativity through silver jewellery products,” he said, explaining that the ‘Thailand World of Silver’ campaign would encourage the jewellery industry around the world “to know Thailand as the paradise of silver jewellery”.
“The second-to-none design and varieties of Thai silver jewellery have been widely realised in the global gems and jewellery industry for decades thanks to Thai craftsmanship and ancient knowledge,” he said.
“Today there are thousands of Thai silver exporters in the market – and some of them are playing an important role in the global industry.”
Phornchindarak stressed however that Thailand would not be limiting its marketing efforts to silver jewellery alone.
The country is currently the world’s top supplier of silver jewellery, the third largest exporter of coloured stones and the 11th largest exporter of gold jewellery.
“Sapphire and ruby are excellent prospects for Thailand,” he said.
“Coloured stones like ruby and sapphire are new trends in the jewellery world – people are no longer looking for all-white stones.
“Coloured stones are coming back into fashion.”
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