Silver Institute launches SilverMark

The Silver Institute has launched its inaugural list of SilverMark manufacturers on its newly enhanced Savor Silver website.

The Silver Institute has launched its inaugural list of SilverMark manufacturers on its newly enhanced Savor Silver website.The four inaugural manufacturers are Bastian from Germany, Gabriel from the United States, Metalsmith Sterling from Canada and Sun Jewels from India.

To be designated a SilverMark Manufacturer, a company must have a strong silver jewellery design culture, international distribution, and agree to the Institute’s terms and conditions regarding utilisation of SilverMark branding.

Silver Institute executive director Michael DiRienzo said the SilverMark has been designed to create a unique and distinctive visual brand that represents the uniqueness of silver.

“The SilverMark consists of two elements in a fixed relationship – the word ‘Silver’ and a specially created graphic element emblematic of the hallmarked quality of Silver,” he said.

“The success and strength of the Silver brand is dependent on a consistent and appropriate look across all communications, advertising, and retail Point of Sale materials relating to silver. This is achieved by having authorised parties correctly and consistently applying the SilverMark identity elements (mark and typefaces).”

Apart from launching the new SilverMark Manufacturers, the new SavorSilver website also highlights the jewellery of 30 ‘Designers of Distinction’ and provides information on the care and maintenance of silver articles  

Michael Barlerin, the director of the Institute’s Silver Promotion Service, said he could not be happier about the way in which the online portion of the overall SPS program has developed.

“The most recent enhancements represent both the first step towards an expansion and refinement of the categories of jewellery featured and the increasingly international focus of the overall program,” he said.

The Silver Institute is a nonprofit international industry association headquartered in Washington, DC which was established in 1971 to increase “public understanding of the value and many uses of silver”.