Showcase Jewellers backs IJF – All 3 groups at Fair and support Design Awards  

Four months out from the 2017 the International Jewellery Fair, Showcase Jewellers has confirmed it’s support for the first jewellery trade fair at the new…

Four months out from the 2017 the International Jewellery Fair, Showcase Jewellers has confirmed it’s support for the first jewellery trade fair at the new International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour.

Showcase Jewellers will have a major presence at the IJF with a lounge area and fair organiser Mr Gary Fitz-Roy announced, “It’s back to the future, all three buying groups will once again unite at Darling Harbour with a single industry focus.”

Mr Fitz-Roy said the decision was quite important because while Showcase members will obviously visit the Fair many have also entered the inaugural Jewellery Designs Awards which has a prize pool of more than $80,000.

”I am pleased to have a united fair with all the buying groups present. Showcase’s General Manager Carson Webb has always had an open mind and a commitment to the interest of their members and suppliers, over the last 6-months we have kept him updated about the progress of Darling Harbour and the Jewellery Designs Awards.”

Mr Webb said, ”We are pleased to announce Showcase will once again have a major presence at Darling Harbour. We have taken feedback from our members and suppliers to re-assess which was the best location for our group for both ease of attendance and greatest number of exhibitors, and whilst it was a tough decision my priority is always what’s in the best interests of our industry which obviously and importantly for Showcase is made up of both our members and suppliers.”

In reply Mr Fitz-Roy said, “We respected their original decision but it didn’t mean we gave up on uniting the industry in Australia’s newest and best exhibition centre. I have known Carson for some time and he has always been sensible and upfront and I appreciate that he has allowed Expertise Event’s the opportunity to include the group in this year’s Fair. I think it’s a win-win for everyone and I know the many Showcase members who have entered the Jewellery Designs Awards will be particularly pleased.”

Additionally, along with Expertise Events the buying groups have agreed to sponsor Saturday Happy Hour on the Fair floor and will all support the Awards function.

”It’s terrific to have all three buying groups support our very popular networking Happy Hour drinks, and to also  help celebrate the creative design talents and aspects of the Fair. Nationwide and Leading Edge have been solid in the support and vision for new activities and with Showcase now on board we can really make more of the Awards and our other planned activities,” said Mr Fitz-Roy.

He added, “We know the industry is currently going through a tough time, it’s the in between cycle where sales are difficult but I think we are starting to see some economic and business rays of sunshine coming through and this should have a positive flow on affect to the jewellery industry.

“That’s why it’s more important than ever for the Australian jewellery industry to be united and come together to celebrate many things. It’s important for us to keep to our strategic plan and make this year’s Fair a huge success – having already staged another event in the new Darling Harbour centre the industry will love the prestigious new setting and atmosphere,” said Mr Fitz-Roy.

“And wait until everyone sees what we have planned for the first Jewellery Designs Awards!”

The International Jewellery Fair (IJF) will run 26 to 28 August, 2017