Showcase begins search for romantic proposals

The Showcase Jewellers Buying Group has joined forces with Eighth Avenue Marketing to find Australia and New Zealand's most romantic proposals.
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The Showcase Jewellers Buying Group has joined forces with Eighth Avenue Marketing to find Australia and New Zealand’s most romantic proposals.
Under the promotion, Australians and New Zealanders who purchase an engagement ring at any participating Showcase Jeweller between now and November 30 are entitled to enter the story of their proposal for a chance to win “the honeymoon of a life time” – in Australia one lucky customer will get to spend a romantic honeymoon on the Cook Islands whilst New Zealanders will be uploading their proposals for a chance to spend their honeymoon in Tahiti.

The promotion, which will also be run exclusively by the Showcase Group in 2014 and 2015, was launched by Eighth Avenue Marketing in 2011 with 21 participating jewellers and in 2012 grew to include 84 participating jewellers.

Eighth Avenue Marketing’s Graham Chapman said he launched the promotion after noticing that most jewellery retailers were “missing out on a very important component in their sales technique”.
 “Jewellers were getting excited about the sale of an engagement ring but then not focusing on the wedding bands and bridal jewellery,” he said.
“This promotion allows the local participating jeweller to form a unique relationship with the customer right through to their wedding day ultimately resulting in greater sales and brand equity.”
“In the past 15 years we have seen an absolute explosion in reality TV and social media and this is an extension of that allowing people to now jump online and proudly tell the world about their proposal experience.”
Chapman said it now made perfect sense to have the promotion exclusive to a buying group that can take it “to even greater heights”.
“We had over 130 people upload their proposals in 2012 and in 2013 we are expecting to double that number,” he said.
“By having a three-year arrangement with Showcase Jewellers, this allows us to have stability and planning for this promotion and it allows the jewellers to have a promotion that is perfect for what they do.”
Showcase Jewellers CEO Michael Mishevski said he was looking forward to working with Eighth Avenue Marketing.
“Our buying group members in both Australia and New Zealand work very hard to continue to forge stronger relationships with their customers so we see this promotion as the perfect fit as we progress forward.
“This promotion allows our jewellers to ‘engage’ even further with the customer from the purchase of the engagement ring through to the wedding bands and bridal jewellery.
“It is always the ultimate compliment when one of our jewellers is mentioned at a local wedding as playing an integral role in a couples romantic beginnings –  when that occurs we know we have done our job properly.”

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