Schiaparelli elevates the jewellery game at Paris Haute Couture Week

When Schiaparelli jewellery comes to mind, tame and boring are never words the brain would conjure. The extravagant runway show at Paris Haute Couture Week…

When Schiaparelli jewellery comes to mind, tame and boring are never words the brain would conjure. The extravagant runway show at Paris Haute Couture Week proves why this brand remains a daring display of maximalism. Schiaparelli’s signature style exuberates drama and style, the perfect combination for those looking to make a statement, and this season’s collection is no exception. 


Schiaparelli presents an extraordinary pair of asymmetrical filament earrings, epitomising the brand’s commitment to innovation. Handcrafted with gold, these earrings exude an organic and artistic appeal. Adorned with crystals, the earrings come alive with a mesmerising sparkle, illuminating the wearer’s every movement.


Behold the gold-plated metal cuff, meticulously crafted to perfection. Its intricate design showcases elegantly moulded half-face and ear elements. To elevate its allure, the cuff is adorned with mesmerising rhinestone piercings. Indulge in the captivating choker necklace. Fashioned from silver-plated metal, showing materialised elements of delicate leaves and ears, seamlessly integrated into its design. The beauty of the necklace is further enhanced by the enchanting rhinestone piercings. As a grand finale, a lustrous cultured pearl graces the necklace, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Schiaparelli presents abstract, hand-made and hand-painted plaster cuffs that embody artistic expression. The cuff’s abstract design exudes a sense of contemporary artistry, showcasing the brand’s ability to transform unconventional materials into wearable masterpieces. Each cuff results in a one-of-a-kind piece that reflectsSchiaparelli’s exceptional craftsmanship and creative exploration.


This breathtaking Schiaparelli necklace is a clear masterpiece of design. Crafted from gold-plated metal, this necklace symbolises excess and elegance. It features exquisitely moulded leaf and face components, meticulously inlaid to create a captivating composition. Each piece is adorned with sparkling rhinestone piercings that beautifully catch the light. A teardrop gracefully dangles from the necklace’s face, enhancing its allure and lending a touch of delicacy to the overall design. The teardrop details, intricate mouldings, and radiant rhinestones create an irresistible charm that captivates all.


The unique combination of colours and patterns creates a visual puzzle, inviting the eye to explore every intricate detail of this stunning outfit. The addition of rhinestones elevates the dress to a new level of sophistication. Complementing the dress, Schiaparelli presents rhinestone pendant earrings, designed to exude a sense of timeless elegance. They serve as the perfect finishing touch, completing the captivating and artistic aesthetic of the overall look.


Schiaparelli introduces an extravagant look paired with snail-shaped gold-plated earrings, adorned with rhinestones that dance in the light. Hand-crafted rhinestone-set orbs adorn the earrings, adding a touch of enchantment and sophistication to the overall design. Schiaparelli also presents an extraordinary combination of oversized pearls and wood beads in their signature doves necklaces. 


To complete this extraordinary look, Schiaparelli offers a gold cuff showcasing attention to detail. The cuff features moulded half-face and ear elements adorned with rhinestone piercings. The intricate design and dazzling embellishments create a captivating and glamorous accessory that stays true to the brand’s motifs. 


This oversized snood envelops the wearer in a cloud of luxurious softness. The delicate ivory pearls, meticulously embroidered throughout the snood, add a touch of ethereal beauty and luxury to the overall design. In addition to the snood, Schiaparelli presents the filament earrings. These earrings are made from raw, hand-crafted gold-plated metal, evoking a sense of uniqueness and artisanal quality.

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