Paola De Luca’s Trendvision – Exclusive booklet offering at the JIF

The Jewellery Industry Fair in Sydney is abuzz with anticipation as jewellery trends and consumer culture expert Paola De Luca gears up to unveil her…

The Jewellery Industry Fair in Sydney is abuzz with anticipation as jewellery trends and consumer culture expert Paola De Luca gears up to unveil her insights on the future of the global jewellery industry. Taking place from August 26th to 28th at the Carriageworks, this premier event is set to be a dynamic platform for Paola to illuminate the path ahead, spotlighting design trends that will shape the 2023/2024 seasons.

Paola De Luca, chief executive officer of The Futurist LLC and the driving force behind Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting—an autonomous observatory in collaboration with Italy’s VicenzaOro trade show—will lead a series of enlightening seminars throughout the fair. On August 26th at midday, her workshop Consumers’ Culture: Where are we heading? will delve deep into the evolving consumer landscape and its profound impact on the jewellery sector, while also exploring how innovation and creativity can redefine the global market.

The excitement continues for August 27th at 11am, as Paola takes the stage for a presentation on the design directions for the 2023/24 seasons. This talk promises a captivating exploration, ranging from consumer inspirations and preferences to the intricacies of colour, materials, silhouettes, and groundbreaking technological innovations that will undoubtedly shape the industry’s future.

Paola De Luca’s visionary perspective introduces a vivid spectrum of colours and styles that challenge conventions. Embracing the rise of gender-fluid collections that push style boundaries, her outlook highlights the power of personalisation and layering, allowing individuals to weave their unique stories through their jewellery choices. Her designs for the upcoming seasons introduce circular motifs imbued with a touch of retrofuturism and vintage aesthetics, seamlessly marrying timeless charm with a modern flair. Anticipate bold silhouettes, unconventional colour palettes, and intricate designs that defy traditional norms.

Amidst her artistic projections, Paola will also shed light on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in shaping the future of jewellery manufacturing and design. Her insights will delve into how AI might reshape productivity, employment dynamics, and legal frameworks within the industry, particularly within the context of the industry’s shift towards a new digital era characterised by changing social values and heightened sustainability considerations.

A select batch of only 400 copies of Paola’s Jewellery Design & Product Directions 2023 booklet will be accessible solely to attendees at the event. This singular privilege offers a profound immersion into trends and forecasts, presenting an unmatched resource for those driven to maintain an edge in the swiftly evolving realm of jewellery design. This exclusive book offering is available only within the confines of the Jewellery Industry Fair, so attendees better be quick to get their hands on a copy.

The Futurist LLC, under the guidance of Paola De Luca, stands at the forefront of research and creative intelligence, offering bespoke solutions through strategic projects, research reports, analyses, educational initiatives, and tailored marketing content. The firm’s team of esteemed international experts is dedicated to driving innovation across the industry.

With a storied career spanning over two decades as a pioneering creative director and strategist in the luxury and jewellery sectors, Paola De Luca’s insights have made waves. Her involvement in editorial projects and the publication of the influential book Farah Khan: A Bejewelled Life, published by Rizzoli, underscores her commitment to shaping the future of jewellery design and consumer engagement.

As the countdown to the Jewellery Industry Fair in Sydney accelerates, the jewellery community eagerly anticipates Paola De Luca’s illuminating insights, set to reshape the trajectory of the industry and inspire a new era of creativity and innovation.

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