Lost lease causes closure for Borough Green jeweller

Historic Borough Green is shutting it's doors after 40 years.

A 40-year mainstay of Historic Borough Green, The Jewellers, is closing once their current lease expires this month.

Previously known as J.C. Gourbould, The Jewellers is forced to close after the landlord rescinds their lease. Located in Station Road, The Jewellers current lease is set to expire the end of the month.

According to Rachel Payne, store manager for The Jewellers, the reason for the store closing is the landlord has taken back the lease. “We definitely would have stayed if we could, because we’re established and have been doing really well. We have a good little business,” Payne is quoted saying.

A Dartford resident, Rachel Payne took over store operations about 25 years ago after the death of John Gourbould, the previous owner. The 40-year old jewellery store stocked a unique line of jewellery different than the mainstream pieces found on the high street. In addition, The Jewellers offered remodeling, alterations, repairs and valuation services.

With the closing, store manager Payne plans to work from home, providing bespoke jewellery items as she did for The Jewellers. Payne states, “I will not be getting retail premises at the moment as it is very expensive. I will be closing the shop next week but I hope people will continue to come to me for commissions.”

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