Jeweller Profile — Kim Ridley

Kim Ridley, Q Report + JAA Member National Sales Manager of JAA Member Q Report, Kim Ridley, has been connecting with jewellers and jewellery retailers…

Kim Ridley, Q Report + JAA Member

National Sales Manager of JAA Member Q Report, Kim Ridley, has been connecting with jewellers and jewellery retailers across Australia for over 10 years.

An established member of the Association for 8 years, Q Report jewellery insurance was created by a jeweller for the industry, lending the business an understanding of the industry from the get-go. Q Report policies guarantee that in the event of a claim, customerscan return to their preferred jeweller. It has always been important to that all money paid out in claims remains in the industry and most importantly with the original jeweller.

Q Report’s membership to the JAA has given Kim great insight into the ever changing jewellery industry.

“Being a member helps me understand the positive and negative aspects of the industry in today’s market. It’s important for Q Report that jewellers see us as part of the industry and not just another insurance company and that we care about the future of the Australian Jewellery market.”

When asked how Kim has stayed so passionate about the jewellery insurance industry she said,“I know that I’m part of a company that cares. I love the fact that our policies offer the customer complete peace of mind, they’re able to wear their incredible jewellery with no fear of loss, theft or damage anywhere in the world. I also get excited about the amount of care and love we put in to the way our products are presented; our beautiful books and amazing packaging.“

So, with here unique positioning and perspective within the jewellery landscape, where does Kim see the jewellery industry heading over the next few years?

“The next 5 years will bring competition in both product and price. We believe it’s about offering your customer a journey, the way that they are spoken to and greeted, the way you present your designs and products, the chilled champagne you may offer, each aspect of the journey needs to be reviewed and understood by each jeweller.”

“Gone are the days where you just make rings. The expectation from the consumer is at an all-time high. At present, we have so many retail stores that try to be everything to all customers. With the new generations coming through you must know who you are selling to. The trick will be to balance an online presence with a bricks and mortar store.

“After going to the JCK show this year in Las Vegas, this show provided excellent information across different platforms about the state of retail. To be able to read more about what is happening in Australia across different sectors. To hear from watch brands, diamond wholesalers and new technology would interest me.”

Apart from being at the forefront of jewellery insurance, what does Kim do for R and R?

“Wearing diamonds! Outside of the jewellery industry I love being part of my running group RMA – Running Mums Australia. Now that my children have grown up and I am no longer on sporting committees and driving to different sports each night it’s time to do something for myself.”

In addition to a love of reading, listening to podcasts and socialising with friends, Kim enjoys nothing more than a lazy lunch with a perfect sea view. However, one of Kim’s other hobbies is slightly more energetic.

“A big personal highlight for me was my first marathon on the Gold Coast last year and my second marathon will be next July on the Gold Coast – why? To beat my time! Over the years I have run half marathons and organised events like the Biggest Morning Tea to raising money for the Cancer Council. It’s great when you can combine your passion such as running and time with friends and raise awareness and much needed funds for a charity.”

Kim Ridley, Q Report + JAA Member