Japan calls for international support

Reed Exhibitions Japan is calling on the 'kind support' of the world jewellery industry to ensure the success of next month's International Jewellery Kobe fair.
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Reed Exhibitions Japan is calling on the “kind support” of the world jewellery industry to ensure the success of next month’s International Jewellery Kobe fair.

In a press statement, Reed Exhibitions Japan president Tad Ishizumi said the IJK will be “held safely and as originally planned” from May 11 to 13.

“We thank all the jewellery industry members around the world who have sent us kind messages and condolences regarding the devastating earthquake that hit Japan on March 11,” he said.

“Meanwhile, we are more determined than ever to do our best to deliver a successful exhibition, through which to contribute to the industry revitalisation, and creation of business.

“We humbly ask everyone around the world to extend us their kind support.”

The statement also stressed that Kobe, which is located 800 km away from the centre of the March earthquake, is “very safe”: the area was undamaged by the earthquake, tsunami and radiation leak from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

“The radiation level measured in Kobe on March 21 from 6am to 7am was 0.000043 milli sieverts/hour which is is much lower than what one gets from activities such as a return air trip from Tokyo to New York (0.2 milli sieverts/round flight) or a stomach x-ray (0.6 milli sieverts/x-ray).”

460 exhibitors from 20 countries will exhibit at the Fair which is expected to attract 14,000 buyers from 50 countries.

For more information visit www.ijk-fair.jp