Instagram for jewellers

Instagram is surely made for the jewellery industry. What better place to showcase all that glitters? But it can be a difficult platform to master.…

With over 340,000 followers, Katerina Perez is the Instagram voice of the jewellery industry. Her commentary on designs, coloured stones and unique pieces are recognised all over the world. She also writes for multiple publications and including the New York Times.

Laura Moore interviewed Katerina at the Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair, from her home in Paris, and identified her top Instagram tips to build trust with your customers and increase your followers!

Plan! Plan, plan and plan!

• Look ahead and make sure you know what you want to post and why, then work out when each post will go live. This will help you plan your content build and feel prepared rather than rushed when managing your social media.

Identify your audience

• Not everyone has the same customer, even when selling similar jewellery. So make sure you understand the people who follow you, what their desires are and how you can speak to them.

Create good quality content

• Instagram is visual, and jewellery is a visual pleasure. Avoid posting images that are blurry, or too dark, or not shot and composed well. Your images need to represent your brand and as such need to be great quality.

Utilise all Instagram tools

• Posting on your feed is great, but make sure that you also use Instagram stories, Reels where possible and Instagram Highlights.


• Instagram is a social platform. So communicate with your followers. Reply to their comments, make the most of direct messages and use the platform for what it was intended, to be social.

The full discussion with Katerina will be available to view via the Jewellery Industry Fair YouTube Channel in the coming weeks.