INHORGENTA exhibitors dominate German watch market

INHORGENTA MUNICH exhibitors turn over more than 60 per cent of Germany's watch sales, according to the latest GfK report.
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INHORGENTA MUNICH  exhibitors turn over more than 60 per cent of Germany’s watch sales, according to the latest GfK report.
INHORGENTA MUNICH product manager Renate Wittgenstein said the research institute’s findings supports its own claims that Inhorgenta is “one of the world’s leading trade shows for jewellery, timepieces and lifestyle and a significant factor in the business performance of the brands represented there”.
“The current study by GfK on developments in the jewellery and watch sector clearly shows that the exhibitors of INHORGENTA MUNICH come off very well in a Germany-wide comparison, especially in the starting and mid-price ranges.”
The institute found that INHORGENTA MUNICH watch exhibitors’ sales grew by 14.7 per cent in 2012, compared with the average growth rate of 6.5 per cent for non-exhibitors.
“On the basis of these figures, we are pleased to see that our exhibitors play such an important role and that INHORGENTA MUNICH can make a contribution to this,” said Wittgenstein.
“INHORGENTA MUNICH serves as a platform for the entire sector from starting-price ranges, right up to top luxury products with the focus on affordable luxury.
“The current figures confirm that by setting this priority, INHORGENTA MUNICH has taken the right course.”