Industry mourns the loss of Ann Middleton

Ann Middleton, one of Australian's most successful jewellers, fell to her death from a high-rise apartment block on Friday, July 25.

Ann Middleton, one of Australian’s most successful jewellers, fell to her death from a high- rise apartment block on Friday, July 25.

Middleton, who was an Australian table tennis champion in her teenage years, opened her first jewellery store in Adelaide in 1981 and established her boutique at the Marina Mirage shopping centre on the Gold Coast in 2007.

During her jewellery career Middleton garnered numerous jewellery industry awards (including the De Beers Supreme Award Winner for Australia in 1989 and the Diamonds International Award in 1994) and attracted worldwide acclaim.

She created jewellery for royalty and Heads of State throughout Asia as well as former US president Bill Clinton and celebrities such as Australian Olympic gold medallist Ian Thorpe and singer and actress Olivia Newton-John.

Newton-John posted a message and photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter this week to express her sadness at the loss of Middleton.
Anne Middleton and Olivia Newton-John

“Ann Middleton was a kind, caring, quirky, interesting, generous to a fault woman, an amazingly talented artist who created beautiful pieces of jewellery to auction at my ONJCWC @oliviaappeal fundraising events,” she said. “’John and I will miss her smiling face.”

In 2006 Middleton was honoured with an Order of Australia medal for services to the jewellery industry.

According to various media reports, Middleton beat ovarian cancer two years ago but was left with unbearable pain following nerve damage during treatment for the disease.

Jewellery World publisher John Abolins, who has known Middleton for many years, said he will miss her as a friend and as an outstanding achiever in the Australian jewellery industry.

“Ann Middleton had a passion for whatever endeavour she was involved in, from ping pong to designing beautiful jewellery, including a DeBeers Diamond International Award winner,” he said.

“When I go to overseas trade fairs people always ask about Anne.

“I will remember her as a true friend and someone who understands quality jewellery.”