Hublot dazzles BaselWorld

Swiss watchmaker Hublot dazzled visitors to this year's BaselWorld with the launch of the world's most expensive watch - the aptly named '$5 million'.
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Swiss watchmaker Hublot dazzled visitors at this year’s BaselWorld with the launch of the world’s most expensive watch – the aptly named ‘$5 million’.
Sparkling with 1282 diamonds, the white gold watch took 17 diamond cutters and setters 14 months to create.
According to Hublot, the design and manufacture of the watch is unique.
“Unlike an haute joaillerie piece where the design and technical construction are created to ‘emphasise and serve’ stones which have already been selected, the opposite approach was adopted.
“The diamond cutters started with a design and then found the diamonds which best matched the complex construction of the case, dial and bracelet.
“Every stone was individually selected to ensure that all were of a consistent quality and colour. They then had to be resized, one by one, to make them a perfect fit for the watch.”
The watch, which attracted a lot of attention from visitors, media and other exhibitors at BaselWorld, has been sold to The Hour Glass Singapore. It will be shown first in the Hublot boutique in Marina Bay Sands and then in the Hublot corners at the Hour Glass boutiques.
The next BaselWorld Watch and Jewellery Show will be held from April 25 to May 2 next year.