Duraflex Group Australia appointed exclusive distributor for Daniel Wellington

Duraflex Group Australia (DGA) proudly unveils its latest milestone, as it joins forces with the esteemed Swedish watch and accessories brand, Daniel Wellington, as the…

Duraflex Group Australia (DGA) proudly unveils its latest milestone, as it joins forces with the esteemed Swedish watch and accessories brand, Daniel Wellington, as the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand. With the partnership taking effect from 1st July 2023, this collaboration marks an exciting strategic move, laying the groundwork for a seamless transition and a significant expansion of the brand’s presence in the region.

Since its establishment in 2011, Daniel Wellington has swiftly gained worldwide acclaim, penetrating over 50 markets across the globe. With an impressive digital following of four million dedicated followers and a remarkable nine million watches sold, the brand has earned a reputation as a paragon of minimalist design and accessible luxury. At the heart of Daniel Wellington’s ethos is their meticulous in-house craftsmanship in Stockholm, reflecting their unwavering dedication to providing timeless style through sustainable, high-quality accessories built to endure the test of time.

Phil Edwards, owner and managing director of DGA says, “The addition of Daniel Wellington to the DGA portfolio complements our existing stable of watch and jewellery brands perfectly. The brand is firmly established as one of the most beloved and continues to be one of the highest-selling affordable luxury watch and accessories brands in the industry, performing exceptionally well both globally and in our local market. Our partnership marks an important step for DGA and the brand, with [the] potential for even further growth.” 

“Furthermore, I am delighted to confirm that Chris Page from Daniel Wellington Australia will [rejoin] DGA as brand manager. Chris will be responsible for managing the brand and the strategic expansion of wholesale distribution, driving the long-term ongoing success in the local market.” With his return to the company, Page will steer the brand’s direction and oversee its strategic expansion in wholesale distribution. His expertise and dedication will propel Daniel Wellington’s ongoing success within the local market.

DGA has garnered a well-deserved reputation for fostering robust retail partnerships and unwaveringly supporting its partners’ businesses. With a sales team attuned to the unique needs of retail collaborators and a dedicated customer service team, DGA is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring the triumphant presence of the Daniel Wellington brand in both the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Daniel Wellington’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices resonates perfectly with DGA’s core values. The brand has proactively taken substantial measures to minimise its environmental footprint, exemplified by its use of FSC-certified paper for gift boxes, collaboration with certified tanners for leather products, and integration of recycled polyester in NATO straps. This shared dedication to eco-conscious initiatives cements the alignment between Daniel Wellington and DGA, creating a powerful partnership that prioritises both style and environmental responsibility.

In addition, Daniel Wellington places a strong emphasis on designing products with longevity in mind, ensuring they adhere to stringent safety and quality standards. By offering repair services, the brand actively seeks to prolong the lifespan of its products, further contributing to sustainable consumption practices.

Beyond their commitment to product durability, Daniel Wellington also upholds ethical values by promoting fair working conditions for their suppliers. As part of its ambitious vision for the future, the brand aims to achieve climate neutrality and make a net positive environmental impact, demonstrating its determination to contribute positively to the planet and society as a whole.

With this partnership between Duraflex Group Australia and Daniel Wellington, Australian and New Zealand consumers can look forward to experiencing the brand’s exquisite collection of watches and accessories, characterised by their timeless elegance and sustainable ethos.

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