Company creates the world’s biggest ‘fake’

Pure Grown Diamonds has created the world's biggest gem-quality grown diamond - a three carat, round brilliant-cut K colour, SI1 clarity, stone.
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Pure Grown Diamonds, the world’s largest distributor of “gem-quality grown diamonds”, has created a three carat, round brilliant-cut K colour, SI1 clarity, stone.
Lisa Bissell, new president and CEO of the company, formerly known as Gemesis, said the company was “ecstatic to once again celebrate technology and innovation in grown diamonds”.
“It is very gratifying to break our own records and reach the three carat milestone”.
Previous records set by the company include a 1.29-carat E colour, VVS2 emerald-cut diamond, followed by a 1.78-carat G colour and a SI1 clarity princess-cut stone.
She said Pure Grown Diamonds has made steady advancements in the field of grown diamonds, in size, colour, and clarity since April last year.
“In the nearly 60 years since the first diamonds were grown, the technology used to create diamonds has seen significant and positive growth,” she said.
“Pure Grown Diamonds is proud to share this newest achievement with their customers and the gemstone industry.”
The company’s stones normally sell for around 25 percent less than natural stones. The 3 carat diamond is currently listed on the company’s website for US$20,475.