BMW drives into watch market

Swiss watchmaker BALL Watch Company and German carmaker BMW have signed an agreement to launch Ball & BMW watches this year.
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Swiss watchmaker BALL Watch Company and German car manufacturer BMW have signed an agreement to launch Ball & BMW watches this year.
Announcing their new “exclusive cooperation agreement” in a joint press release, the companies said they shared the same values “especially a passion for precision mechanical engineering” and “an undeniable spirit of innovation and constant attention to technical and aesthetic excellence”.
“This natural union, based on the exchange of expertise and resources between the two brands to drive performance, aesthetics and precision, will in particular lead to the design of a BALL & BMW collection reflecting an assertive and decidedly contemporary spirit.”
The companies said the “new generation of timekeeping instruments” incorporate various technical feats including a revolutionary anti-shock system as well as  BALL’s patented Amortiser system which will protect the movement against extreme shocks.
“Dedicated to the automotive world and aficionados of mechanical engineering excellence, the aesthetic design of these exceptional timepieces will pay homage to various distinctive hallmarks of BMW’s vehicles.”
Distributed locally by Avstev Group since 2010, BALL Watch was established in the US in 1891 by Webster Clay Ball, a jeweller and horologist who created an accurate and uniform system of timekeeping for the country’s railroad system.
* Pictured above is Ball Watch Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime