The long road to Broome

Allure South Sea Pearls co-founder and pearling pioneer Bill Reed has documented his incredible life story in his autobiography The Long Road to Broome.
Bill Reed's autobiography, The Long Road to Broome.
Bill Reed’s autobiography, The Long Road to Broome.

From humble beginnings as a young marine biologist in the 50s, Bill was destined for a lifelong involvement with the ocean and pearls starting his career in Papua New Guinea where he had the opportunity to work with pearl oysters for the very first time.

This initiation into the pearling world marked the beginning of a journey that would span more than forty-five years and take Bill to the many corners of the globe to hone his expertise.

After helping to establish the first cultured pearl farm in Tahiti, Bill returned to Australia in 1975 and founded two pearl farms in the remote waters of Broome, the pearling capital of the world.

In 1989 Bill was joined by Lindsay Youd, a second generation jeweller/watchmaker and the duo have worked together as business partners ever since, building a successful pearl farm consultancy, manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses.

His contribution to the South Sea pearl industry was recognised by both the Australian and Tahitian governments and resulted in him being awarded the Order of Australia in 2012.

Still residing in Broome today, Bill is well-known and respected in the historic pearling town for his lifetime of knowledge and contribution to the community.

Together with Lindsay as the co-founders of Allure South Sea Pearls, Bill has had the opportunity to use his wealth of experience to create exquisite jewellery using only the finest pearls from around the world, with Allure pieces stocked both locally and internationally.

‘The Long Road to Broome’ is Bill Reed AM’s incredible life story and is available to purchase at the Allure South Sea Pearls Broome showroom or via the E-Boutique

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