Update for JAA Members and the Trade – May 2023

One of the issues the JAA has noticed recently affecting the jewellery industry has been recruitment and human resources. Many have faced the challenge of…

One of the issues the JAA has noticed recently affecting the jewellery industry has been recruitment and human resources. Many have faced the challenge of finding employees as well as navigating the HR challenges brought on by COVID. Post-COVID, it is an intimidating prospect to know that a recent study by the University of Melbourne on the future of work found a third of those aged between 25-55 are contemplating resigning. We recently welcomed Heidi Plentinger from Intune Recruiting and Matt Heart from Heart HR as speakers on a webinar, Attracting and Retaining Talent. So, how can you best ensure you are attracting the right people for your workplace and then retaining them?

Starting with a thorough job description will ensure you will have suitably qualified and experienced candidates apply. A quality job description will then give areas for the chosen candidate to grow, and develop and for you to provide further training. Additionally, the job description can then form the basis of their review as well as give a foundation to work on as their position may change. Remember to also look beyond the traditional platforms for recruitment – social media and your store window just maybe the next place where you’ll catch the eye of that ideal employee. 

Furthermore, creating an inviting workplace for your employees with a unique employee value proportion (EVP) is vital to differentiate yourself from other workplaces. Ensuring you get the basics right first is fundamental; this includes paying the correct wage and giving access to workplace entitlements such as leave and superannuation. Further to this is offering flexibility, which in some work environments such as retail can be more challenging but may be addressed by offering extra leave or staggered start and finish times, particularly for those who care for young children and aging parents. We note that certain employees have the right to request flexible work requirements. Paying above the minimum Award wage is also beneficial to attracting and retaining talent. 

The jewellery industry has additional obstacles that those who have been in the industry for a long time or who have grown up in the industry and that includes hesitations about working with valuable goods, security and also expectations of clientele who may carry a level of prestige. Appropriate training will assist to overcome these barriers. If you would like to find out more about attracting and retaining talent, please visit jaa.com.au/informed to watch the webinar. 

We also offer a member benefit through a Workplace Advice Line. This allows members to receive advice on specific situations they face with employees, whether it be leave entitlements, wages classifications or legal termination procedures. At the JAA we are always here to help our members and the wider jewellery industry. Please contact us for membership options as well as any assistance you may need.

Don’t forget we are now only two months away from entries for the JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards being due. Head to jaa.com.au/awards for the full details. Entries are due on 17 July and there are great prizes to be won!

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