JAA President’s message

September, 2022

Spring has sprung. With this, the Jewellers Association of Australia looks to the commencement of this holiday trade season with a fresh zest for possibility and new opportunities.

We welcome all sectors of the trade to participate in our JAA Annual Member and Industry Survey. Members check your inboxes for the Member survey sent late August. Non-members can complete the survey via jaa.com.au/survey.

The JAA Annual Member and Industry Survey offers both JAA members and industry members alike the opportunity to have their say, to be heard and to be validated.

It provides a necessary platform to share your feedback on JAA services and ensures you are supported in your business.

It also assists the JAA to tailor our strategic planning to your specific needs.

The surveys measure members’ and the industry-at-large’s satisfaction, in current time.

This information provides us with the ability to make comparisons with previous years thus ensuring we are making the necessary improvements in our offering to the Australian jewellery trade.

All in all, this gives the JAA much needed clarity and keeps our mission aligned with the industry’s needs.

We endeavour to do our utmost to be of service to you in your business – assisting the Australian jewellery industry in all areas where we can provide you with support, information, education, governance, protection and regulation.

As always, the Jewellers Association of Australia is here to support you.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Happy holiday trading!

Karen Denaro

JAA President