Trade reveals recycled gold fine jewellery collection

November, 2022

It’s been three years in the making – sustainability is a notoriously slow business – but Prada’s fine jewellery debut represents the first time any global brand has been able to guarantee that 100 percent of the gold used in each piece is recycled and responsibly sourced.

The heart, the snake, and the chain are all motifs central to Eternal Gold, Prada’s new collection, as well as the Prada Triangle, of course. The range features pendants, earrings, chunky chains and cuffs all peppered with pavé diamonds and cast in gold certified by the RJC as 100 percent recycled.

The gold comes from many sources, but mostly from scrapped electronic circuit boards, which yield a very pure 24k gold. The diamonds are also certified by the RJC. Each piece of jewellery comes with an electronic card which provides authenticity and sustainability credentials to the owner’s phone – from supplier details to the RJC certification.

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