Best educational videos for jewellers

As jewellery professionals, it can be difficult to find niche techniques or industry advice. These YouTube accounts are filled with tips, tricks and information about…

As jewellery professionals, it can be difficult to find niche techniques or industry advice. These YouTube accounts are filled with tips, tricks and information about jewellery design, manufacturing and business.

Jewellers Academy


Jessica Rose’s YouTube platform is dedicated to everything jewellery, from design to manufacturing and business management. Jewellers Academy’s range of videos covers social media photography hacks, pricing your jewellery to make a profit, and beginner jewellery making tutorials. Jessica Rose is a successful jewellery designer and entrepreneur who launched the London Jewellery School in 2008, growing to a £500,000 turnover within a few years. She has run five jewellery businesses, written jewellery books, won several business awards, and helped over a million people learn jewellery making through face-to-face classes and online tutorials, namely her YouTube account. Today, she focuses on supporting designers to follow their passion and run successful jewellery businesses.

Modern Goldsmith


Jordan Mantzke, better known as Modern Goldsmith, is a jewellery and metals content creator specialising in gold and ring making. His videos include “turning a blob into pure gold”, referring to refining mixed metals into pure gold. In 2016, he opened his store in California where he shoots his video content. Modern Goldsmith creates beautiful, sustainable jewellery for people worldwide. He uses a combination of traditional goldsmithing techniques with modern tools and materials. Jordan is a goldsmith specialising in jewellery design, restoration, and custom-made projects. His journey to becoming a goldsmith started in 2001, working his first job as a jewellery polisher. Over the years, he trained under three master jewellers, working full-time as an apprentice until he had the skills to go out independently. Jordan started his business in 2012, later adopting the name ‘Modern Goldsmith’ in 2016. His videos revolve mainly around gold refining and delve into uncommon design techniques, such as old European-cut gemstones and compass rings. He also talks about the ins and outs of life as a jewellery business owner through his personal vlogs.

Estona Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making Tutorials


Bregje is the proud owner of Estona, a self-made jewellery business based in the Netherlands. As a passionate metalsmith enthusiast, she produces her own jewellery line and shares her knowledge through free tutorials posted on YouTube. She hopes to inspire others to explore the world of metalsmithing or simply enjoy watching jewellery being made. Bregje’s channel is well-articulated, caters to professionals, and encourages
beginners to try more advanced designs. Some of her tutorials include invisible soldering joints, tapered bezel settings, fingerprint engraving and much more. For jewellery makers looking for quick and easy tips on new designs, Estona’s account is ideal for tips and inspiration.

YouTube is an invaluable resource for jewellery experts seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. These accounts showcase the endless possibilities when artistry and technology converge. By harnessing the power of social media, experts can hone in on their craft, explore new design possibilities, and stay on top of the latest industry trends. So, if you’re a jewellery professional looking to stay ahead of the curve, don’t underestimate the power of social media – it just might be the key to unlocking your full potential.

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