Stella Timepieces becomes exclusive distributor for Schwarz Etienne

Stella Timepieces has been announced as the new exclusive distributor of Schwarz Etienne in Australia and New Zealand.

Schwarz Etienne is a Swiss luxury watch brand that has not been represented in the local market by a distributor until now. Despite this, Schwarz Etienne timepieces are highly sought after by collectors and watch aficionados alike. 

The brand’s showcase entry line timepieces start at $5,000 RRP. With the highly sought after and prestigious La Chaux-de-Fonds line with inhouse calibres starting at $65,000 RRP, the amazing hand-crafted quality, and connoisseur service is what attracted Stella Timepieces to the Schwarz Etienne brand.

For well over a hundred years, Schwarz Etienne has dedicated itself to turning a time-honoured tradition into a continually evolving art. The reputation of Schwarz Etienne developed through partnerships, the company devoting its expertise to several major names such as Chanel, Dunhill, Mauboussin and Caran d‘Ache. Schwarz Etienne has not only earned respect for the quality and reliability of its production but also as a benchmark in the creation of mechanical movements.

Stella Timepieces will be holding limited stock of the ranges for the initial roll out to local Australian and New Zealand market and has complete access to the entire range from Schwarz Etienne.

Stella Timepieces looks forward to partnering with interested retailers. 

“As always, we provide tailored marketing, training by our watchmakers and business support to ensure success, as well as free social media marketing, and free postage on first orders,” says Stella Timepieces director, Krzysztof Jakubaszek.

“With over 30 years in the watchmaking industry, Stella Timepieces, along with our sister company A.J Watch Repairs, is extremely proud to welcome Schwarz Etienne to the portfolio,” he added.

Stella Timepieces is one of Australia’s only watch distributors to house a full Swiss service centre in house. The company’s portfolio includes leading international brands Atlantic, Akteo, Grovana, Epos, Revue Thommen, Schwarz Etienne, Swiss Alpine Military by Grovana and TACS.