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Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Laura Lediaev’s Ezara – Handcrafted Fine Jewellery has been moving swiftly forward, acting as a pedestal of growth and talent…

By The Gem Monarchy

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Laura Lediaev’s Ezara – Handcrafted Fine Jewellery has been moving swiftly forward, acting as a pedestal of growth and talent in Adelaide. The business combines the fascinating beauty and intricate originality of coloured stones with the sparkling beauty of diamonds to create unique pieces for every customer.

From Humble Beginnings 

Laura’s story in the jewellery industry is one that started with the most humble of beginnings. Even from kindergarten, she was “making macaroni necklaces for everyone she knew.” From then, her interest in art evolved into primary school, where she “loved to paint and draw.” A few years later, when entering high school, she learnt about her passion for design whilst “spending lunchtimes in the tech shed on her woodwork projects.” Soon, she discovered the beautiful world of jewellery. This was the start of her “lifelong journey exploring the many facets of the jewellery industry… Instantly, I knew I had found my perfect union of design and manufacture.”

The Signature Ezara

The formation of Ezara Fine Jewellery originated with the creation of Laura’s award-winning piece “Ezara.” She created this piece for the National Diamond Guild Awards, where she “initially entered with a rendering of a proposed design.”

With this progressing to the next stage, Laura began to handcraft her piece.  This piece titled “Ezara,” meaning little treasure, was created and became the “inspiration for this business.” The namesake represents the beauty involved with “handcrafting your unique, personal Ezara” to mark your moments of love.”

A Personalised Experience

“I feel handcrafted jewellery is a deeply personal experience and connection. This is the reason we’ve chosen to work within a studio environment rather than a traditional storefront. I want to understand my client’s unique vision and bring that to life rather than seeing jewellery as a transactional purchase,” says Laura. 

“I love colour and I love rich, velvety tones, which is why I love coloured stones. Ruby, zircon, tourmaline, all. I love that no two coloured stones are exactly the same colour, bringing in an element of personal connection between the person and the stone they select.”

“This being said, I most often create bespoke diamond engagement rings, and I love it! Having the honour of capturing a person’s love in a piece of jewellery is one of the most rewarding parts of jewellery manufacture,” she adds.

A Message to Future Jewellers

“Striving to improve and evolve as a jeweller, I’ve always used a notebook detailing each job. Initially, in an effort to be less distracting to those training me and work somewhat autonomously, I would begin with a conversation through each process in order and follow the steps to make the piece. I can remember one of those mentors continually saying, ‘I don’t think through each step before I start, I just start.’”

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