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Infinity Rings commenced business in 2004, the vision of managing director Ilhan Demirel, who comes from a family of jewellers, both retailing and manufacturing. Working…

Infinity Rings commenced business in 2004, the vision of managing director Ilhan Demirel, who comes from a family of jewellers, both retailing and manufacturing. Working closely with his father, he realised quickly that this would be the industry he would work in.

“I worked in jewellery retail for several years and really developed a passion for the industry. I also have a strong interest in design and technology, which, paired with my passion for jewellery, has allowed me to push myself and continuously improve Infinity Rings,” he said.

While working in retail, Mr Demirel observed the male jewellery market that existed at the time and identified a niche for premium, contemporary rings.

“I could see a gap in the market for unique and stylish men’s rings- at the time, they felt like an add-on rather than a standalone purchase. Having grown up in Europe where men’s fashion and jewellery was valued, I was inspired to take a leap of faith and start Infinity Rings in 2004 to bring a range of classic and modern men’s rings to the market.”

“We believe at Infinity that a man’s commitment ring should be both a sign of dedication and an expression of their individual style. Infinity Rings has gone from strength to strength over the past 16 years, growing in both facilities and staff to keep up with demand,” he said.

Mr Demirel lives by the ethos that if you’re going to do something, do it well. He and his team keep their eyes on global trends, ensuring the firm’s designs are in line with what the market demands. “We believe that listening to our stockists and our customers is key to the success of Infinity Rings, and use this to guide our business.”

The Infinity Rings manufacturing facility is one of the most technologically advanced worldwide. “Our team of jewellers hand finish every ring to the highest standard. In sourcing materials and manufacturing each ring, my team and I are involved in and oversee all decisions. Our ethically sourced metals and stones have been selected with impacts on global communities and the environment carefully considered.

“Down to the finest details, our unique packaging and store displays are of the highest quality, meeting the ever-changing demands of our stockists and customers. Our team of artisans are committed to delivering only the best quality. Our Infinite Satisfaction Guarantee provides retailers and customers with confidence in our brand and more reasons to purchase an Infinity Ring,” Mr Demirel said.

Men today are demanding more innovative styles and a wider variety of metals to complement their personal sense of style, such as darker metals and bolder choices in adding stones to their rings, he pointed out.

“This inspired us to explore and experiment with new metals and introduce tantalum to the market in 2019. Named after Greek mythology figure, Tantalus, this hard blue-gray, lustrous, metal is highly corrosion resistant. Dark and dramatic yet durable and hypoallergenic, these rings have attracted really great interest from our customers so far.

“We also know that customers are increasingly demanding customisation to make their rings truly unique and personal. We listened to our stockists who told us they wanted a simple way to work with customers to personalise rings in an increasingly competitive market and developed the Infinity Rings Design Studio in response.”

Over the last two years, Infinity Rings have been developing this application to meet both retailers and customers’ needs, giving customers the opportunity to transform the company’s designs into a truly customised piece. At each stage of the design process their selection is visualised while they create a truly unique ring that they themselves have designed, making their commitment even more special.

‘’My team and I are very excited to bring the Infinity Rings Design Studio to the market in 2020. We have developed this world-class, industry-leading ring design application from the ground up over the last two years so that Infinity Rings can enable our resellers to design and customise rings with their clients. It brings to life millions of possibilities from our Infinity range and gives customers a sense of complete personalisation,” Mr Demirel said.

Being web-based, the Infinity Rings Design Studio is simple and intuitive to use, giving customers the tools to create rings from different metal and colour options and multiple surface finishes. It also allows them to add different stone types and see the ring in different width and thickness options.

“The most exciting feature is that this is visualised in real time as changes are made, all in 3D and 360 degree view that can be easily navigated. In our experience, when customers can visualise their design, they build a special connection with it. As a finishing touch, designs can be personalised with laser engraving, which will be shown on the design in the different font options on the screen,” Mr Demirel explained.

The Infinity Rings Design Studio supports retailers by providing real time pricing based on the selections made by the customer. This gives the retailer a seamless experience without the need to call or prepare cost estimates, making it quick to build rapport and lock in a sale. Another advantage of this is that customers can easily create a ring to fit into their budget. Combined with an instant ordering button, the experience is completely streamlined for the retailer and the customer.

“In today’s market with so many different designs, metal options and high demand for customisations, the Infinity Rings Design Studio gives retailers the opportunity to offer customers the ability to view more designs than ever before to create and customise their dream ring with infinite options at their fingertips.”

Infinity Rings’ aim for the future is to be the number one wedding ring destination and Mr Demirel and his team work hard with stockists to exceed their expectations on every aspect of the supply chain.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how the Infinity Ring Design Studio transforms the in-store experience and further expands our product range for our current and future stockists,” he said.

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