What does the jewellery industry do on a Friday night?

Why, we go to a jewellery exhibition, of course!

01 Constellation” necklet and “Starry, Starry Night” ring

Following on from the success of the private tour of the Cartier exhibition a few years ago – let us refer to that as BC (before COVID) – the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) took the opportunity to invite members and industry colleagues to a private function at the Museum of Brisbane (MOB) to see ‘The World of Wonder: Margot McKinney’ exhibition with a guided tour with Margot McKinney and Andrew McKinney Welch.

This exhibition is the fourth of their identity series celebrating creative greats who call Brisbane home.

02 Margot McKinney

On the evening of Friday 5 August we embarked on our journey – the exhibition.

We started with canapes and drinks awaiting the arrival of everyone with Margot inviting us into the exhibition. The exhibition is broken down into five rooms as it takes you on a journey through the history of the McKinney family and highlighting Margot’s journey to where she is today. The following rooms showcased her amazing jewellery and designs displaying some extraordinary gems including Australian south sea pearls and opals with colour that would compete with any high end brand.

03 Peridot diamond bracelet

For those of you who are unaware of the McKinney name, Margot is fourth generation and Andrew, her nephew, is taking the McKinney story into its fifth generation of the family journey. It certainly is a story that is cemented in Queensland history of the jewellery industry.

We then all sat down to a two course dinner in the dome room and enjoyed each other’s company with Margot and Andrew signing the exhibition’s book.

04 Tourmaline and diamond necklet (A valuer’s nightmare counting all those stones!)

I think all who attended will agree that this exhibition is beautifully curated, showing the jewellery to its very best. This exhibition runs until November 6 and is well worth the visit if you happen to find yourself in Brisbane. Exhibition details can be found on the Museum of Brisbane website.

The NCJV would like to thank Margot and Andrew for sharing their time so generously with all who attended.

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