JAA President’s Message

August 2022

The Jewellers Association of Australia frequently makes reference to the importance of unification across all sectors of the supply chain of our niche Australian jewellery industry.

My personal insight into the global jewellery industry has shown me that the Australian jewellery industry stands to gain from what we learn from our industry peers abroad, in more ways than one.

The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) is a fine example of what I refer to as “allied synergy”, with all arms of the trade, various associations, businesses, experts, educators, groups and generations of masters from all over the world coming together to support the progression of our industry.

With their common goal of ensuring regulation and governance across every aspect of the global jewellery, gem and diamond industry – from mining to trading and of course, grading and terminology – our esteemed industry experts share their vast and varied knowledge, experience and passion for the evolution of our industry.

Their debates are, indeed, fierce! Each area of the industry actively champions for their perspective of the trade to be validated and protected.

This insight sparks the question, “what can we do in Australia to secure and consolidate our industry?” and furthermore, “what does consolidation actually look like within the parameters of the Australian jewellery industry?”

Truth-be-told, I do not have the answers.

I would, however, like to take this opportunity to pose the following five questions to all Australian jewellery industry peers: What does consolidation and support of the Australian jewellery industry mean to you?

▫ What can we all do to support our common goal, the growth and development of the Australian jewellery industry?

▫ How can the JAA support our industry in order for us all to maintain relevance and to prosper beyond our generation?

▫ What does cross-pollination mean to you?

▫ How important is regulation, sustainability and governance to you and your business?

I extend an open invitation to everyone in the trade to reach out with your views, responses, comments and questions. I also welcome the opportunity to open the floor to all discussions on how we can come together to ensure our industry is regulated, unified and protected.

I do believe there is room for us all to grow and prosper. Faced with the challenges of these current unprecedented times, I also believe that we cannot do this alone. There is a lot to be said for joining forces. Together, we can work towards ensuring our industry stays relevant in the years to come.

I look forward to industry participation and engagement.

Please feel free to contact me directly at president@jaa.com.au

Alternatively, should you wish to remain anonymous, please feel free to contact Megan on 0490 236 334.

The JAA ensures your right to confidentiality. Change starts with US!