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In these Conditions, the following words and expressions shall have the meaning set out below:

“Client” means the Advertiser and/or its advertising agency as set out in the Booking Terms;

“JW” means Jewellery World Magazine Pty Ltd;

“Advertising Material” means promotional material (including any text, images, audio and video content) to be placed on one or more Platforms in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;“Publisher” means the company which publishes the relevant Publisher Platform where the Advertising Material will appear. Where more than one company is involved, each one will have the benefit of these terms. 


JW requires approval from the Client on the submitted Advertising Material 7 days prior to the magazine print deadline. 

It is the responsibility of the Client to check upon the first appearance of the Advertising Material and notify JW immediately of any errors. JW assumes no responsibility for the correction of errors unless notified by the Client within 7 days after proof is sent.

Before signing, please review the design and make note of any changes that should be addressed before approval.

Some notable factors to take into consideration before approving a design are as follows:
– Overall page layout
– Overall spelling
– Photography
– Correct details (EG name, email address, phone number, website)

By signing, the Client accepts that JW will no longer have any responsibility to make further changes. The Client accepts full responsibility for errors and grants permission to proceed with the publication of the Advertising Material. In no event will JW be liable for loss arising from any errors in Advertising Material once the approval form has been signed by the Client.

In the event of any error or omission in the appearance of Advertising Material which is caused by JW, JW will either re-publish the Advertising Material (or relevant part thereof) or make a reasonable refund of or adjustment to the charges. No re-publication, refund or adjustment will be made where the error, misprint or omission does not materially detract from the advertisement.

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