The Oceania Collection from PENDANTS Australia

Hot new men’s, women’s and unisex designs. The Oceania Collection celebrates some of the best aspects of life in Australia and New Zealand.
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With a name and meaning for each pendant, these pendants make a heart felt gift or personal indulgence that brings happiness whenever worn. Waves pendant featured above.

Australia and New Zealand are unique places and these pendant designs symbolise some of the best aspects of our great lifestyles. Chosen because they bring meaning to the wearer, the pendants of the Oceania Collection are a heartfelt gift or personal indulgence that brings happiness whenever worn.
From frangipanis, hibiscus flowers, rare heliconia’s and birds of paradise to hummingbirds, butterflies, turtles and dragonflies, the elegance combined with subtle meanings of the pendant designs entice both the young and the old. Love is also evident in the Oceania Collection with a stunning heart and simply sincere endless love knot reflecting the nature of our great cultures.
Specifically designed as a symbol to remember New Zealand by, the Silver Fern pendant is meticulously hand finished. Fine detail leaves no doubt about the creators intention to not only remind the wearer of loved ones back home or a beautiful trip away but also provide a high quality piece of jewellery they can be proud to wear.
Designed, made and hand finished in Australia, the Ladies Oceania Collection is made from solid Sterling Silver. Pictured are the Frangipani, Silver Fern and Black Tipped Shark pendants.
The men’s and unisex Oceania Collections feature equally, if not more symbolic designs and are made from Rhodium Plated White Bronze, many with cold enamel detailing. Pendants retail from $135.
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