Jewellery trends post COVID-19

Chris Botha, Operations Manager Jewellery Division: Palloys

Chris Botha, Operations Manager Jewellery Division: Palloys

I came across an interesting report the other day which outlined the sales trends in Europe during the COVID pandemic lockdown. Many of these businesses were forced to shut during the lockdown, and kept their expectations and forecasts low, however, it seems consumers have bucked these projections and instead breathed new life in the jewellery industry.

It is, of course, early days but these are promising signs. What were people buying? It seems gifts were the order of the day. With many shoppers purchasing belated gifts for their family and loved ones and feeling more comfortable to do it in person than shop online. Calling round our own customer network, it seems the same trend is occurring here.

Consumer enquiries in jewellery stores is trending back up, people beginning their research process in purchasing a piece or buying within the first week of the store resuming normal trading hours. Looking at the jobs coming through our doors at Palloys, it seems there have been quite a few lockdown proposals, with an increase in engagement and wedding rings as well as an increase in bespoke jewellery jobs. What does this mean for our industry?

Are we out of the woods? It is far too early to say, however, we now know what we can expect, and with this be prepared for what is over the horizon.

Our lockdown journey at Palloys was somewhat fortuitous, as it allowed us more time to prepare our unveiling of the new
Palloys website, which will be the first of its kind in the world, allowing Palloys customers access to instant pricing, reporting and job status.

With such an exciting launch about to be released, we are also releasing our men’s jewellery line, Livadi, which will allow Palloys’ customers access to over 550 unique styles of men’s wedding rings for their stores. Exciting and busy times ahead.

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