Inhorgenta changes direction

Inhorgenta Munich is celebrating its 40th jubilee next year by repositioning itself as the 'Jewellery, Timepieces and Lifestyle' trade show for mid-to-high- priced luxury products.
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Inhorgenta Munich is celebrating its 40th jubilee next year by repositioning itself as the ‘Jewellery, Timepieces and Lifestyle’ trade show for mid-to-high priced luxury products.


Klaus Dittrich, chairman and CEO of fair organiser Messe München, said the repositioning would enhance Inhorgenta’s profile as an internationally noted marketplace for jewellery, timepiece and lifestyle brands.


“It is our aim to develop the profile of Inhorgenta Munich permanently as a brand so that it acts as a mirror to the market in the future too.”


He said the repositioning is being implemented in a variety of ways including the clear segmentation of product ranges on display at the Fair, the “emotionalisation” of the Fair through content, events and design measures, and a stronger focus on lifestyle and trends.


For example, to “do justice to the growth in the lifestyle market”, Inhorgenta will “integrate more strongly” the lifestyle- and fashion-oriented jewellery, timepiece and accessory brands.

“There are now a considerable number of jewellery and timepiece brands which themselves have become established as fashion brands,” said Inhorgenta product manager Renate Wittgenstein.


“It’s conceivable that these brands too will have their own area in future. After all, our objective is to portray the emotionality of jewellery, timepieces and lifestyle in all facets.”

Wittgenstein concluded that the 2013 Fair is to likely to be even bigger than this year’s fair which attracted 1134 exhibitors from 37 countries and around 30,000 visitors from 80 countries.

“Based on the initial application figures, Inhorgenta can expect an increased number of exhibitors, especially in the lifestyle area,” said Wittgenstein.


“Famous partners of many years’ standing as well as numerous new exhibitors from different market segments will present their collections to the international audience from the trade.”


Inhorgenta Munich will be held on February 22-25.

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