Ice marketer set to visit Sydney

Pinny Gniwisch, the executive vice-president of marketing for, the world's most trafficked jewellery website, will be a speaker at the Online Retailer Expo &…
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Pinny Gniwisch, the executive vice-president of marketing for, the world’s most trafficked jewellery website, will be a keynote speaker at the Online Retailer Expo & Conference in Sydney.
Founded by Gniwisch and his three brothers (all rabbis) in 1999, has enjoyed an annual growth rate of 30 percent for nearly a decade and is now one of the world’s top 50 most profitable online retailers while Gniwisch has become an internationally recognised expert in online marketing, social media and merchandising.
Announcing Gniwisch’s confirmation as one of the keynote speakers at the 2010 Online Retailer Expo & Conference, event director Mark Harvey said the success of last year’s inaugural expo and conference was a clear indication that the Australian market has a large appetite for an event devoted to helping retailers sell online.
“As the first major business forum for the internet retailing and e-commerce industry in Australia, we received over 3000 registrations, which led Online Retailer to debut as the second largest online retailing event in the world,” he said.
“For experienced online retailers or for those just breaking into to the world of e-commerce, Online Retailer 2010 will offer retail executives an unparalleled learning experience and the chance to leverage the collective knowledge of the e-retailing community.”
“According to Forrester Research, Australian online spending is expected to grow to $32 billion by 2012 … (but) the Australian Payments Clearing Association has found that almost 50 per cent of our country’s total online spend is directed towards international purchases.
“Australian consumers are voting with their wallets when it comes to shopping online,” Harvey said.
“It is unfortunate that the current lack of local big brand retailers selling online is forcing shoppers to buy from overseas competitors. We are some years behind the US and UK markets, when there is no reason why we should be.” 
The 2010 Online Retail conference will feature 100 speakers discussing a range of e-retailing topics such as technology, marketing, merchandising, customer experience, website design, fulfilment, integration and revenue growth while the concurrent
Expo will showcase the latest e-commerce technology, digital marketing and e-retailing solutions.
The Online Retailer Expo & Conference will be held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from July 6-9.
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