Curtis teams up with Nicklaus

Australian luxury pen- and jewellery-maker Curtis Australia has teamed up with Jack Nicklaus to create a series of Limited Edition sterling silver pens celebrating his…
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Australian luxury pen- and jewellery-maker, Curtis Australia has teamed up with Jack Nicklaus to create a series of  Limited Edition sterling silver pens celebrating his distinguished golf career.
According to Curtis Australia founder and director Glenn Curtis, the idea to create a pen commemorating Nicklaus’s career came during a lunch with the golfer at the Bear’s Club in Florida when “the conversation turned to the significant moments in his unmatched 18 Major career”.
“Nicklaus told the story of the 1986 Masters, which at 46 years of age he really wasn’t expected to win,” said Curtis.
“An emotive crowd watched as against all the odds he took the lead at the final 17th. Walking off arm-in-arm with his son and caddie Jack Jnr at the 18th was a moment he, and the millions watching around the world that day, will never forget.”
Curtis said the historic day has been immortalised in “miniature sculptured scenes” that capture “the emotions of the very special sporting occasion” in fine detail. 
Curtis Australia will produce the Masters Anniversary Pen in just 1000 fountain and ballpoint models in green or jet black resin with hand finished sterling silver clips, cap collars and decorative panels.
Each pen, with a recommended retail price of $650 or $870, will be packaged with a Limited Edition certificate.
* Pictured above are Jack Nicklaus and Glenn Curis with one of the first limited edition pens.