The Diamond Baron

Rami Baron, the president of the newly formed Diamond Dealers Club of Australia, explains why Australia needs its own bourse.

Calleija’s good fortune

Winning the De Beers Diamonds-International Award in 2000 catapulted 'suburban jeweller' John Calleija to the centre of the world's jewellery…
Cut diamond on black background

Diamonds – the real thing?

New treatments are making it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between natural and treated diamonds.
Diamond jewellery featured on black background.

Diamonds – still a jeweller’s best friend?

Local wholesalers and retailers reveal what impact the 'slowing economy' is having on diamond sales.

Cutting Edge – Tolkowsky’s brilliant career

Gabi Tolkowsky, the world's most famous diamond cutter, reveals the secrets behind his success.

JAA issues diamond alert

The Jewellers Association of Australia has warned jewellery retailers and suppliers to keep away from inaccurately graded diamonds.