No matter what stage your business is in, no business is ever ready to stop improving or stop growing. From start ups, to established and…
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No matter what stage your business is in, no business is ever ready to stop improving or stop growing. From start ups, to established and even businesses ready to close down for good, there is always work to be done and projects to manage effectively to ensure a successful outcome.

In all businesses, there are universal departments that need to be managed, like finance, operations, marketing and HR and, more often that not, the person who started the business is not going to be an expert in all of these areas. In an ideal scenario, a business is big enough and profitable enough to hire experts in each department to manage the intricate details of those areas, but this is usually the ideal, not the norm.

In the jewellery industry, the majority of independent businesses are made up of jewellers or jewellery enthusiasts whose passion and drive to give their customer the most incredible jewellery experience is at the forefront of their offering. And outside of retail and independent manufacturers, there are hundreds of supporting businesses, such as jewellery suppliers, valuers, educators and support services, all running businesses with often the same or similar challenges to the jewellers they service.

In 2019, Moore Events launched The Jewellery Industry Summit, an event built to support all types of businesses in the jewellery industry. Large, small, start ups, retiring, jewellery retailers, jewellery suppliers and everything in between.

Due to Covid-19, the proposed date for the Summit in 2020 was postponed to 2021, and is now just around the corner in July on the 9th and 10th at the National Wine Centre of Australia. With event capacity now opening up to 100%, the Summit can welcome guests from all over Australia to its full two day program.

Tailored for your business:

The Jewellery Industry Summit is set to prepare your business for growth, and with the schedule now released online, the two day business event certainly looks to deliver.

Covering dozens of business functions with face-to-face support, the Summit is split into three areas so guests can choose which areas suit them depending on their business.

Stage: Running all day for both days, the stage will host experts from all over Australia where each of them will share their experiences and insights to help your business.

Workshops: In a separate workshop room, eight different workshops will be run over the two days. Tickets are limited to these short courses which range in topic for the industry.

Exhibitors: Available in the main hall, Summit exhibitors are made up of business services to support your business, such as insurance, marketing and education.

On top of this, guests have multiple networking opportunities and professional development experiences.

Local and International Industry Support:

The Summit has garnered local and international industry association support, with the JAA, GAA, NCJV, Gold and Silversmiths Guild and the international CIBJO all to be present at the event. The five associations will be available for guests to meet with and discuss their services and business support.

What’s Included:

Guests can choose their own adventure in this business building event, with lots of different activities taking place across the two days. The full schedule of events is listed on the Summit website, but here we share a brief snapshot of what you can expect.


Merchandise, Marketing, Health and Wellbeing, Grant Assistance, Software and more. A full list of exhibitors is available on the Summit website.

The Mayfair Hotel, the venue for one of four networking and social events at the Summit.


Jewellery Design and Rendering
Gems Guide for the Retailer
Young Diamantaires
Building your best life
Advertise your business
Procreate class on iPad
Accredited Jewellery Certificate Information


One of the benefits of attending a business event is the ability to network with peers and colleagues after the formalities. With event spaces opening to full capacity, Moore Events is making use of the minimised restrictions by organising not one, but four different networking events. At the closing of day one of the Summit on Friday the 9th of July, Moore Events and the sponsors of the Summit, will host a cocktail party, in conjunction with the JAA who is celebrating their 90th anniversary that same week.

Saturday evening guests have the choice of three different events, all showcasing different areas of the Adelaide CBD.

It seems there will be something for everyone at the inaugural Jewellery Industry Summit, and as the first major event on the calendar for the industry, it’s the perfect chance to meet again face-to-face and grow your business. We’ll be there, and we hope to see you there too!

Tickets can be registered on the Summit website.


Technology in the Jewellery Industry – Andy Phanthapangna – CEO Aperigon Technologies

Achieving Retail Success – Martin Haese – CEO Business SA

Running a Family Business – Toby and Albert, Bensimon – Transworld

Security for your Jewellery Business – John Macalis – Owner AM Imports

Building a Brand and Reaching your Customers with Purpose – Olivia Anderson – Leading Edge Jewellery Group

Protecting yourself through Insurance – Alan Evans – Primassure

Global Trends and how to find them – Rami Baron – CEO Q Report

The Philanthropic Quest in owning a gemstone production line – Punala Kiripitige – Owner The Gem Monarchy

Selling Pink Diamonds on the secondary market, New Technology for the jewellery trade and the Future of Estate Jewellery as Baby Boomers hand over – Tim Goodman – CEO Your Diamonds

Succession Planning – Monty Parmar

View the full program of events, workshops, speakers and exhibitors at

Once in a Blue Moon

The very last diamonds from the Argyle mine Rio Tinto has unveiled a preview of its final showcase of rare Argyle pink, red and blue…
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The very last diamonds from the Argyle mine

Rio Tinto has unveiled a preview of its final showcase of rare Argyle pink, red and blue diamonds from its iconic mine in the remote east Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Mining ceased at Argyle on 3 November, 2020 and the 2021 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is the final collection of the rarest diamonds from the final year of Argyle operations.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, an annual invitation-only event for the past 38 years, is widely considered to be the most anticipated diamond sale in the world, showcasing the pinnacle of Argyle’s production to an exclusive group of collectors, diamond connoisseurs and luxury jewellery houses.

Chief executive of Rio Tinto Minerals, Sinead Kaufman said the historic collection of extraordinary diamonds was a testament to the amazing Argyle ore body and the men and women who have worked so hard to bring these diamonds to market.”

Comprising 70 diamonds weighing 81.63 carats, the 2021 Argyle pink diamonds tender has a record number of diamonds larger than one carat. The collection is headlined the Argyle Eclipse, a 3.47 carat diamond that is the largest Fancy Intense Pink diamond ever offered at the Tender.

Patrick Coppens, general manager of sales and marketing for Rio Tinto’s diamonds business who has been involved throughout the history of the Argyle pink diamonds tender said “The Argyle pink diamond story has continued to enthral throughout the years following the remarkable discovery of the Argyle mine in 1979. The final Tender collection of these beyond rare diamonds will be keenly sought after as heritage gemstones of the future, coveted by collectors and connoisseurs from around the world.”

Titled The Journey Beyond, the collection takes its reference from the 1.5 billion year journey from creation to discovery and their remarkable impact on the world diamond and jewellery history. The Tender collection comprises five ‘hero’ diamonds selected for their unique beauty and named to ensure there is a permanent record of their contribution to the history of the world’s most important diamonds:
Argyle Eclipse, 3.47 carat, radiant shaped Fancy Intense Pink diamond
Argyle Stella, 1.79 carat, square radiant shaped Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamond
Argyle Lumiere, 2.03 carat, square radiant shaped Fancy Deep Pink diamond
Argyle Solaris, 2.05 carat, radiant shaped Fancy Intense Pink diamond
Argyle Bohème, 1.01 carat, radiant shaped Fancy Red diamond

Also offered alongside the Tender are 41 lots of carefully curated Argyle blue diamonds, weighing 24.88 carats in total. Titled Once in a Blue Moon, these are the very last blue and violet diamonds to emerge from the Argyle mine.

Jewellery historian Vivienne Becker said, “this final epoch making offering of pink, red and blue diamonds encapsulates the nearimpossible rarity and compelling beauty of the natural treasures gifted to the world by the east Kimberley region of Western Australia. Over the near four decade life span of the Argyle mine, Rio Tinto has built a unique diamond brand of integrity and authenticity, an Australian icon and source of national pride, now recognised and asked for, by name, across the globe.”

The 2021 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender will be showcased in Perth, Antwerp, Singapore and Sydney, subject to COVID-19 protocols. Bids close on September 1, 2021.


On the surface, it's a fairly simple question. But is it? DDCA NEWSRami BaronPresident, Diamond Dealers Club of If you are in the wholesale…
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On the surface, it’s a fairly simple question. But is it?

Rami Baron
President, Diamond Dealers Club of Australia

If you are in the wholesale business, you might say you need a salesperson to go on the road, a sorter in the office, an accounts person and an admin person. As a retailer you might need a jeweller, a diamond setter, admin, accounts etc.

All of the above are functions. They don’t necessarily define what we need other than in the most simplistic sense.

Think about it in terms of layers. On the basic layer, you need someone who shares a similar code of ethics with the rest of the team. Is this person tidy, messy, do they think they know it all or are they prepared to learn and improve? Are they ambitious or do they want to be strictly nine-to-five?

Level II could well be the skill set. Do they have the ability to do the job and are their abilities going to exceed your expectations? The aim should always be to bring in someone who can not only do the job, but also bring improvements and better ways of doing the role.

It’s level III that I find is critical in building our business.

Right now, everyone is doing pretty well in the jewellery trade, or at least should be. So, now is a really good time to stop and analyse your business, the people around you, and work out what is it that you really need.

It is incredibly difficult, when you are your business, to recognise the different functions that you fulfil. It is like you’re a jack-of-all, hence purely from a time point of view, it negates your ability to identify opportunities to either grow or increase the profitability of your business. It is so easy to just do it yourself. You think it’s just a simple problem that requires only ten minutes or half an hour at best. The next thing you know, it’s already lunchtime. You return a few calls, and the day just disappeared.

From my own experience, I believe that by having people remove a variety of tasks from the you as an owner, it provides you with time to think and to look at better ways of running your operations. I know you have heard it all before – “work on your business, not in your business”. However, the first thing a small to medium-sized business will say is that they can’t afford to bring on more people.

I think you can’t afford not to bring on more people.

The question is why are you bringing them on?

Have you clearly defined what you will hand over in the transition? And what is the result you hope to achieve by bringing them on?

Now it might mean giving you time to go fishing, to go shopping, do an extra Pilates class or go and visit a couple of friends in the trade that you haven’t met up with for a long time. Whatever it is, be honest with yourself as to what you hope to achieve by bringing on more people. If it’s for a better quality of life, then accept that your bottom line will not necessarily improve, but I would bet with you that you will be a better employer and husband/wife or partner for the simple fact that you are happier. Inevitably, it will probably improve your bottom line – or maybe just your bottom 🙂

If it’s because you want to grow your business, then the exercise is more difficult because it’s not just about giving yourself more time, it’s about giving yourself more time to be more strategic in what you want to achieve, and the results should be measurable.

Let’s say you want to create a new range of jewellery. Give yourself the time to go into the city and look around at what others are doing, set up appointments with multiple gem merchants to understand what is available, analyse the pricing differences and spend the hours that it takes to search online for suppliers overseas who may carry merchandise you can’t get locally. These are all time-consuming exercises which require you to dedicate your time and concentration. Life is a trade-off. If you want to do this, then someone else must serve customers, take appointments on that day, manage the workshop, or set up the staff schedules.

In my previous article I wrote about change and I posed the question – do you even want to change? This article is about taking you out of your comfort zone.

No person is an army unto themselves.

We need to surround ourselves with like-minded people who share our moral code and hopefully want to grow and be challenged. The best people in your business will never stay unless you provide not only vision and opportunity, but proof that you are executing this vision. Nothing happens overnight. Everything takes longer and probably costs double from what you initially think.

I challenge you all to ask yourself what sort of employee you need.

The answer must be built around your end game. Is it to build the best business you can, or be the best version of yourself?

Get it right and you can have the double whammy … both.

Chemgold launches Melbourne office

Chemgold is proud to have launched an office in the Melbourne CBD. Now all their trusted and reliable products and services will be more accessible…
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Chemgold is proud to have launched an office in the Melbourne CBD. Now all their trusted and reliable products and services will be more accessible for jewellery retailers and manufacturers in Victoria.

The office will allow customers across Victoria to access everything from casting, refining, fabricated alloys, findings, bullion, mounts, laser engraving and their comprehensive 10,000+ design catalogue.

“Celebrating 35 years in the trade we are excited to offer Victorians additional convenience to drop off waxes or masters for casting, collect various metal and orders,” said Darren Sher, Chemgold director.

The office is located at 1406/227 Collins Street, Melbourne and to ensure a high level of service it is recommended to schedule an appointment prior to dropping off or collecting orders.

What a Spectacle!

Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction will offer the Spectacle diamond for sale in May. The 100.94 ct, D colour, internally flawless diamond from Russia is…
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Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction will offer the Spectacle diamond for sale in May. The 100.94 ct, D colour, internally flawless diamond from Russia is expected to fetch between USD $13 million and $19 million.

The gem has been featured on the auction house’s Instagram where it details the stone’s story. Unearthed by miner Alrosa in 2016 in northeast Russia, it started life (above ground) as a 207.29 ct piece of rough. The preparation and cutting process took 20 months in the Diamonds of Alrosa cutting factory in Moscow.

The emerald cut was chosen to present what Alrosa calls “the perfect geometry of the diamond.”

“Emerald cut is incompatible with any imperfections, as it allows the observer to gaze endlessly into the clear, unobstructed depths of the gem,” said a statement from Christie’s. “It requires the initial diamond to be perfect.”

Public tender of Australian pink diamonds announced

A Sydney-based technology start-up is searching the globe for pre-owned Australian pink diamonds to be included in a Public Tender conducted in late June. Believed…
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A Sydney-based technology start-up is searching the globe for pre-owned Australian pink diamonds to be included in a Public Tender conducted in late June.

Believed to be a world first, the tender will include rare pinks originating from the Argyle Diamond Mine consigned by a finance company, private collectors and investors. The promotoris offering the jewellery trade an introductory commission to introduce selected Australian pinks belonging to their private clients. is the brainchild of Tim Goodman the founder of Bonhams & Goodman and the former Executive Chairman of Sotheby’s Australia, once the largest jewellery auction enterprise in the southern hemisphere.

“We are making a much-needed secondary market for Argyle pinks as re-selling these valuable stones can be problematic,” said Tim Goodman. boasts jewellery royalty on its Board including the former Executive Vice President of Tiffany & Co, James Fernandez and Her Highness Shaikha Dheya bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa and lists Macquarie Bank former property director Bill Moss amongst its backers.