JAA to continue with 2017 JAA Jewellery tradeshow

In light of the recent communication sent from both Nationwide and Leading Edge buying groups regarding their fair involvement in 2017, the JAA has made…

In light of the recent communication sent from both Nationwide and Leading Edge buying groups regarding their fair involvement in 2017, the JAA has made the following statement:

The Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) is an industry body. The JAA works towards benefitting both members and non-members in the Australian jewellery industry. The JAA is a not-for-profit organisation and not run by private enterprise. The JAA is there to protect your industry, and without an industry body governing the industry there will be no association to care for the interests of its members and promote Australian businesses.

The JAA has historically had no control over the International Jewellery Fair when run under Expertise Events’ management and the JAA acknowledges and recognises that this is no longer a viable model for the industry. The industry requires an official body to represent it, to protect it and act in its best interest.

The JAA has not been able to reach any mutually acceptable agreement with Expertise Events that would benefit the JAA, its members and the industry. The JAA had given every opportunity to Expertise Events to negotiate and come to the JAA with a revised offer of contractual terms before and after the contract required the offer to be submitted. Contrary to Nationwide Jewellers announcement that “Expertise Events has assured Nationwide Jewellers that should the JAA once again enter into an agreement to support the International Jewellery, that they will without hesitation restore the annual royalty payments to the JAA…”, the JAA has not received any written communication from Expertise Events to this effect.

Despite the fact that there has been no offer from Expertise Events, the question was raised if it would even be in the best interests of the industry if there was an offer. The past contract with Expertise Events has limited the JAA’s ability to provide extended benefits to the industry and make the Fair relevant to different sectors of the industry.

The JAA should not be seen as the party that has added an extra event to the calendar – there was one and now there are two, however, the JAA respects that one major event is preferred by some. With there being extra competition in the market, we have already seen benefits for participants in the form of reduced exhibitor rates, which have not been seen for quite some time. Our preference is to unite the industry under an industry run event.Whilst we would have preferred for all buying groups to have shown their support for the JAA Jewellery Tradeshow, given the amount of support received to date, we know we will have a strong event given the current feedback.

An industry tradeshow under the management of the industry association will not only allow the JAA to continue its support of members and the wider industry but significantly enhance and extend the current support provided to the jewellery industry.

Where will the Australian industry be if the JAA is not in existence? Over the course of the past couple years the JAA has worked on and made progress in many areas for the industry including:

  • Liaison with the ACCC
  • Two price advertising and protecting members from prosecution
  • Advising members of robberies and suspicious activities
  • Advertising to consumers to build awareness for members and jewellery products
  • Assisting consumers, on a daily basis, through complaint mediation with members
  • Providing advice to consumers, who have a complaint against non-members
  • Offering advice to consumers researching their jewellery purchases
  • Consumer insurance replacements projects
  • Referrals for industry training and alternative associations
  • Attempting to monitor and control dubious online sales
  • Given input to legislative changes and advising members of changes in legislation that impact their business
  • Fostering established and up and coming designers and manufacturing jewelers
  • Point of sales tools that assist in ensuring retailers abide by appropriate legislation
  • Anti-money laundering committee involvement
  • Liaison point with other industry bodies and associated organisations
  • And so much more

The JAA Tradeshow in 2017 and beyond will allow the JAA to give back benefits to its members and the wider industry. Without industry support for the Tradeshow, the JAA’s ability to provide member benefits and protect the industry for the future will be in question. If you want an organisation to look after your interests impartially the JAA needs to be independently financially viable.
The JAA is excited by the changes that are ahead and trusts that its supportive members will work with the JAA to ensure that the Industry and its annual event, is proudly run and owned by the Industry itself.
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